The Game

Sophia Hutchings

Just a short story, written during my writing group. I was given a subject, the word 'game' and this is what come from that. Not very complicated, I know, but I wanted to capture a brief flash of action and see what I could do with the imagery. How did I go?

The Fantastically Stupid Story of a Journey

Dianna Arnold

This is what happens when I listen to "Weird" Al and decide to free-write.


Shuo Chen

First paragraph/stanza contains much cliche, but don't worry, that's intended. A view of the night. Inspired by a beautiful image and some reading prior to that. Nothing to do with religion or spiritual enlightment, BTW.

The Nymph Comes Out to Play at Night

Barbara Wilson

This is a fantasy poem.

Lost Love

Tonya Montgomery

This is just a short piece that I thought up just today. It did not turn out the way I had originally planned, but, when do stories ever turn out the way you originally thought? At any rate, there will more than likely be much more to this story than I've written so far. Just to fill in the reader, Alo is the Prince of Fairies and Catori is probably the most beautiful woman of her age. Nature (Gaea) is jealous of Catori because she loves Alo and he will not have her. Alo and Catori, of course, are in love but her parents and instructors have drilled it into her head that things such as fairies or sprites or dragons do not exist. In this world, those things do not die if one does not believe in them, only that the non-believer ceases to see them. I hadn't intended on taking this story any further when I started writing it, but by the end I had changed my mind. There will be more, in depth tales to come. This isn't my best work, but I'm pleased with it and I hope you enjoy it.

Nature's Song

Brigit E. Hansen

This forest and a child share a strange bond of life and death. When the child lingers there the forest lives. When the child leaves the forest dies. But, the child comes back so you can say the forest lives again. It's remotely happy for something I wrote... (School asignment- imagery poem.)


Erin Ford

I'm a pyro...I like to watch things burn :)


Ryan Barnard

This is one of my more unusual stories, but I like it. It's very highly symbolic, and thus open for interpretation; put yours in the comment box.

Chapter 10 (Thief and the Bard)

Joanna Wu

A little more insight into Gorthican myths, legends and traditions, as well as some funny prophecies

Jikoku ~ Time

Maria Serna

What do you see?


Erin Carter

During Creative Writing my senior year we were told to write our own epitaph. I like it, one day it'll be on my headstone (but lets not think about that yet)