A Seed from the Tree of Wishes, Chapter 2

Yves Jacques

In which things get scary, and Pierrot suffers picturesquely.

Flights of Fancy

Catherine Ward

This is my favourite dream and I've had it so many times (although not much recently). Its a wonderful feeling and I wanted to share it with you.


Mary Bailey

The magic of art brought to life with focused imagination. Is it in the artist's hands or in the eye of the beholder?

Wings of Flight

Monica Stich

A fantasy poem of flight that is up for interpretation by the reader.

The Enchanted Garden

Monica Labins

A delightful children's story about garden fairies inspired by a book I had as a small child, "The Flower Princesses"  by Jerry Smath.  I would love to get illustrations for it so if you are an artist and are interested, PLEASE contact me!  I'm an atrocious drawer lol

A Very Fine Line

Brie O´Reilly

This story took far too long to reach completion, perhaps because it ended up so completely different from my original plans.  Although perhaps a bit anachronistic, this story jumps back in time (as if time matters to these folks) from Fear and Panic to introduce what I believe are Panic's roots.  In the process I discovered some of his other distant relations, which will hopefully join this series in the near future.  Enjoy!

Contemplation (by Jill O Connell)

Jill O Connell

This was a story that came to me during exam time for college.okay I was dead tired, feeling really relaxed and soft and kinda dreamy in a coldish arts block on my laptop.thats the mood i was in for this and i hope you can see where its coming from.also i was listening to my immortal by evanescance and hold me by anne while writting so there you go (: enjoy

Be true to yourself

Anne Schjerven

Call it annoyance, but I notice that young children have lost this...and adults have as well...so, I decided to...err...write something

Dear Imagination

Elizabeth Fitzgerald

Lately I haven't had much time to write. When I finally sat down to resume work on Awakening I found it a real struggle. So I found myself writing this to blow out the cobwebs. It's something I'm sure most of us can relate to in one way or another

But Most Of All

Ashli Black

I wrote this when I was in one of my more poetic moods. This is not the usual way that I write poetry, I'm more for the Whitmanesque style, free-form, but it felt right for this piece. It's still unpolished, so write me comments, please!

Dreams Drowned in Sand

Leigh Erickson

This idea just pounced on me late one night and wouldn't let me go, so I had to write it down. Can't say much without giving things away... so go *shoos* read! For Eli for all her editing help *bows* I am most grateful!!

A Seed from the Tree of Wishes, Chapter 3

Yves Jacques

This is the raggedy unfinished end, which I thought I'd put in for criticism. A new character is about to appear, but I ground to a halt in a fit of embarrassment just before introducing her. Any tips on how to make this bit better? There's too much linking narration, but I'm not sure what to do about it...

Romrook Square- Part 3: Nerikasne

JJ Hauver

Part Three of Six in a spoke series. This is the tale of Nerikasne, an innocent bystander who views the fight of Anagel and Sanatarv.


sammy sims

At first, this poem was going to be about my RP character, Ivy-Kira. But...as I was writing it, the poem veered off course and is now about a child and her magical friend... the little bit of magic that gets us all through childhood and, believe it or not, through adulthood as well.

When Dragons Fly (2 of 2)

Laura Weber

The continued tale of a young boy who lives in a medieval land where Fantasy is nothing more than fiction... And an encounter with the night... Heh. Knight in the Night, get it? Woo. Firstoff, this is NOT a sequel. This is not a second chapter, and this is not part two in a series. This is the second half of a WHOLE short story, having been cut in two simply due to the the size issue... I just choose a spot and hacked it there for convienence sake. Hence, part two is quite useless without part one, and vice versa. And, I having made that point known, will continue to cheerfully ask y'all to enjoy. I tried some... well, things here, and am not sure how well it turned out or how it worked. Some feedback would be more than great. In fact, it would be... well, erm...great...

Riddle of Man

Leif Moldskred

One of a small number of riddles on a fantasy theme. The answer should be well known to any regular to Elfwood.

Meeting my Muse

Kortnee Bryant

Okay, after a lot of talk about what muses are and what they do, I came up with this. I couldn't sleep until I got it written. Now, you all get to share the sleep deprived fantasy. Enjoy! Oh, and watch out for the waffle.


Lindsay Cooper

This is my ideal world...

Dreamer's Wake

Meagan Tovado

A fun little poem I actually wrote my senior year of high school when a friend needed me to help her with a humanities project. I had to write a poem and draw a picture to go with it. Unfortunatly she stole my picture, with my somewhat reluctant agreeance, and the scan she gave me is a tad too small to put up. Maybe I'll redraw it and put it in my Lothlorien gallery.

The Final Unicorn

Simon Pettersson

Well, I hope this one speaks for itself. I won't explain the symbolism, 'cause if you don't get it, it's not my fault. So there.