The Man's Best Friend

Janelle Whitehead

This is a small chapter in the life of 15-year-old Daniel, a wizard on his dad's side (unbeknowngst to his mother) and crush-ee of a 12-year old red-head.


Aurélie Scarborough

This is a very short story, told from the point of view of a vampire. She explains why she was turned into a vampire. Comments appreciated.

The Island by Amelie Part 2

Amelie Forbes

Marooned alone Chloe continues to adjust and adapt to life on the island. But is she beginning to adapt a little too well....??


Kirstin Linnenkoper

It's about a phoenix' life.

It's Just the Beginning

Mindy Michaud

This is the very first story of the Eiren Series. It covers the creation mythology for our solar system. This is based on how I think it happened.

An Immortal Journey- Chapter 6

Mindy Michaud

Some hidden ventures come to the surface including the what else happened at Death Lake. Jarred takes Ashleigh to a spot in the woods, and she discovers the bigger picture of Ziernik's plot. Although Fate is working long and hard on the group, it also has its hands working back in Holliander.

The Price of Immortality


I saw an article in some science magazine about how scientist were trying to find a way to immortality. And I thought that it was stupid. And I got to wondering what would happen if scientist did find immortality. And this story came to my mind... all right, no more to say.

'If You Could Live Forever...'

Lynn Ashe

I wrote this during a biology class (the time might have been better spent learning about meiosis.) One note--there isn't any Christian symbolism, despite first impressions.

Vampyre's Pain

Jessica Price

Another brief poem, this one about the realization of immortality.

The Ugly Vampires

Terin Teehan

Written in September of 2003, because I got rather tired of reading about the same perfect, drop-dead beautiful/handsome (no pun intended) vampire stereotypes and wanted a few realistic touches (if there CAN be realism in this genre ;)

Life and Death

Michael (Amujr) Upchurch

Ummmmm, this is actually the one Love Forever is based on. I submitted this to for an amatur poetry contest, and made semi finals so far. If that changes, I'll let you know. This is also the poem that is going to be published in a coffe table book from the International Librery of Poetry. Yes, I'm happy, I know.... And new news- This is also going to be one of thirty-three poems read professionally on a disk set, so I AM VERY HAPPY NOW!!! YAY!!!

Stands in the Shadow of Death

Jake Diebolt

In a nameless small village, a child is born, given the name Seth'ra Kahn Dun. He is the forty-seventh child to bear that name...and the burden that accompanies it. This is my first stand-alone short story in a while. Hope everyone enjoys.

End of the World

L. Viner

Another poem: an immortal waits for the end of the world, as he is the last one that still stands alive...

Time and Its Own Small Revenge

Siobhan Harvey

This is the story of Agnu, the girl born with a clock in the centre of her forehead. She lives in a world of gods and immortals, who, until her birth, had had no worry about the end of the world. There is a picture (illustration) of Agnu in my Lothlorien gallery right here EDIT: There are now two companion pieces to this story, one complete Gizza and one incomplete NEW

The Island by Amelie Part 3

Amelie Forbes

At last just as Chloe`s fears for her humanity peak, the opportunity to make it back to her loved ones arises. But she is a much changed person now. As she struggles to hide her secret she realises that time is no longer on her side....

The Island by Amelie Part 4

Amelie Forbes

Chloe finds life back in civilisation is not without its problems. Suspicions arise over her story of her time lost at sea. With the risk of being exposed growing greater by the hour, she`s forced into a desperate choice....

The Island by Amelie Part 6

Amelie Forbes

The Final Chapter! Chloes makes her choice and as her story comes to an end she embarks upon the rest of her life....

The Island by Amelie Part 5

Amelie Forbes

Arriving back at her beloved island Chloe is in for a shock. At last she finds answers to many of her questions. She is offered an amazing gift, but she also learns that she will soon have to make her hardest ever decision....


Athey Nansel

Okay - this has no real title yet. I've never been able to decide on one. Plus it's not even remotely finished. This is barely even an introduction. But I figured I'd post it since this much as actually been written, and I've gotten a couple requests for the story behind my characters. Anyways, here it is. Tell me what you think of it so far. If enough people yell at me, I might actualy get around to writing more ^_^;;


Cullen Groves

What can we do when faced with the inevitability of the end? Rise up and fall with pride, or lay down and pass away gracefully; those of this blurb tried to resist. Used a quote from Dylan Thomas, that cool poet dude.