Loves me not

Gina Nigro

Very often my heart has been broken, shattered feelings like glass, not very strong. I write this in memory of the one who broke my heart, he knows who he is, be it from an RP stand point or a RL one, they know who they are.

The Night 1 (Blacken Hero I Await)

Brandon Lee

In the eyes another a hero rides the lands

Fighting In Ebony

Amanda Hopkins

After the great battle between two kingdoms, the heroes begin the long journey home. Could be a prequel, could be nothing. Who knows? Don't forget to comment!

Hanni, Chapter 5-REVAMPED

John Larsen

In this chapter, Hanni and Murvy engage in a deadly battle with a poisonous snake. Princess Magnolia and the rabbit team up to try to break free from the evil wizard. And later, Princess Magnolia is re-captured by the wizard...or is she?

Hanni, Chapter 11

John Larsen

In this installment in the series about the time-travelling boy, Hanni, Hanni continues his journey as he leaves the town of Crid in Mora's chariot. But a dark, evil creature awaits them as they leave the village, and Hanni nearly encounters death!!!

Hanni, Chapter 2-REVAMPED

John Larsen

In this chapter, we meet the beautiful Princess Magnolia. Sadly for her, she is currently being held prisoner by the evil wizard, Phantor. The wizard is keeping the beautiful princess in a gilded birdcage where she is learning to adapt and adjust to life as a caged bird.

Screaming into the Wind

Debra Turpin

This is just a short poem that kind of popped into my head. I'm not real happy with it, but its one of the few poems that I've written recently. Thought I'd put it up for feedback.

Unstable Whim Flitters

Laura Watson

Tiny little flying sources of inspiration

Two Souls Collide

Jessica Johnson

This is the first story i've every written. It's about a woman named Mera O'Reilly, who is telling her own story about her childhood life in Kinton Ireland (Kinton is not a real village in Ireland). She meets an Elf like person named Kiyhon(Key-yho-in) and they become fast friends.


Kimberly Snyder

Lexi was a charecter i just fell in love with, I had created her befor i wrote her into the story. Then Zaver, he was a charecter from another story that worked so well, in this one. Its basically a story of romance and a grudge that has lasted for ever.

The Hounds of Will

Rondel Linder

I sometimes find it difficult to explain to people just how integral the language of myth is, to the way I think. The following poem, however, does an excellent job of illustrating the point - I wrote it when I was 11, the year I broke with my father. It was not until years later, looking at this piece (I had always seen it as 'Hound of the Baskervilles' meets 'Dowie Dens of Yarrow', in Freddy Krueger's dreamworld), that I saw it for what it was - my mind attempting to communicate something to me in the language it speaks best. The hounds now remain a part of my personal myth cycles.

In a Land (One Man) by Vichan

Josh Boo' Walls

A short poem that I did in like five minutes. It's about Blade, by Vichan

Lord of the Light

Simone v.d. Kaaij

A young girl's plee to by guided back into the light.

Indira Dakmor-Torture-Part I

Staci Earnest

This is a little bit of my character's life, Indira Dakmor. It's a little bit of a love story, torture, you know. ::Grins::

Three Fine Ladies, Chapter 3: In Which an Unlikely Friendship Forms

Cherie Campbell

Just a continuation of the story! Rather long eh? We now introduce a new companion to our story! Co. Written/edited by Blythe Kinderknecht whose link can be found in my bio

In the Name of the Father

Michael Tresca

The novel that couldn't get an agent and couldn't get published even when I placed it in the hands of a publisher! Follow Grey and Ziekiel as they battle for independence in a world where there is no such thing as religious freedom of choice. Lots of Kabbalah, violence, and a dhampir!

(1 of 5) The Warrior

Warren Barrett

A Poem introducing you to the Hero of the story The Drylands. One of Five of the first wirtings of The Drylands.

In Between

Holly Johnson

The frustration of being stuck on a world with no magic and reading about worlds with it.

The Princess in the Birdcage Chapter 2.htm

Lars August

  Princess Cara's life suddenly changed when she went from being a happy and wealthy princess to an enslaved "pet" to an evil sorcerer. She must deal with the humiliation of being put on display by her wicked master wearing very revealing attire that barely covers her and must now learn to adapt to a life in a birdcage...literally.

Inside My Labyrinth

Carrie Ott

I finally decided to write something kind of cryptic - you could take this at face value, but there's a hidden understanding placed underneath this story. It's helpful if you know the story of King Minos (NOT Midas, the guy who turned things to gold. Minos is different). I enjoyed writing this, even though it only took a few minutes. I think it's a unique look into an old story. Roles reversed?The unfortunate...thing...left alone with only his own thoughts to keep him company. A single voice that hearkens to him; the only words to ever fill his ears reveal a bewildering truth. Do you know what he is?