Unlocked - V

Emily Kirsch

And here we have the doors.

Realm Of Chaos

Adria Self

This was something I wrote in my journal. It seems like a fantasy setting for some type of world.

He was a prince...

Mari Pueyo

That's the prologue of I story that I have in mind... but I don't know if I will never write it, mostly due to my lazyness. Again, my english sucks, so... be merciful.


Kristin Hawkins

: The incubus is a male demon (or evil spirit) who visits women in their sleep to seduce them. With every visit the victim is deprived of some more of her soul, satisfying the hunger of these demons. The woman who falls victim to an incubus will not awaken, although may experience it in a dream. A succubus is the female variety, and she concentrates herself on men. According to one legend, the incubus and the succubus were fallen angels. The word incubus is Latin for ‘nightmare.’ This was written for my Creative Writting class. Hopefully I can submit some more stuff soon!


J.M. Jakobsen

What would it be like to suddenly find yourself in a new and twisted reality?

Bureau of Necessity

Vicki Leady

First three chapters of a story I started writing a few months ago. Essentially it's a secret branch of the government, kinda like the one in Hellboy. I started writing it after watching Bones and surfing Elfwood too much.

Shadows Dance Chapter 1

John Diehl

A Demon Hunter is saved by a pair of demons.

Vampire's Dream


An incubus seduced a vampire as she rests. When she awakes, she seduces him and has herself a meal. ;) :P

Daemon in the Night

Sàm Crossley

A poem about an incubus, well his latest victim.

A Girl and Her Ghost

Heather Moyer

This is a story I wrote as a challenge to myself. I attempted to cross-breed humor and horror. I think the horror is lacking, it's not that scary. More metaphorical if anything. But I like it for the most part. Let me know about improvements or things to keep. Thanks :) I wrote an abstract poem for this story. Check it out: 'My Poltergeist'

The Black Wars: 'The fire in your eyes'; Chapter 1

Jaide Lawson

'I see the fire in your eyes my deadly little viper.' The words that bound her to Dominic, her savior, her god. From the depths of depression she was raised to become an assassin of profitable power, but that power came with a cost. It is uncontrollable, undeniable, and comepletely unquenchable and the more she uses it the stronger it becomes.

Phantom Familiar

Jessica Donnelly

I am not sure exactly what to say about this one. It can be a incubus I guess or just my David in poem form.


Luke Foster

A poem depicting the way the darkness should control you. It controls Me...

Hopeless Mercy

Allyson Yearry

Wow, a non-romance! Shocking coming from me, right? ;P Anyways, this is a story about a succubus who just loves treating men as her prey. But then, the tables are turned, and the predator becomes the prey... Please leave comments, I'd like to know what you all think of this one!

The Black Wars: 'The fire in your eyes'; Chapter 2

Jaide Lawson

So here we are with chapter two and the hope of many more chapters to follow! (This happens to be the first time I've ever reached chapter two by myself) *raises glass of wine* Cheers!


Ashley Wynn

I don't write much poetry. This little image snuck up on me. This damsel in distress made her thoughts to me clear. I've always loved that fantastic breed of demon, the incubus, or the succubus if you like females. :D The spawn of Satan and Lillith, Adam's first disobedient wife. Fantastic mythology.


Matthew Akers

This is the first of many character scetches. I take a person and write what they look like in the most detail possible, then add things to make them a character. This is an incubus.

Within Nightmares

Jennifer Ruebel

Pooflesnobbins. Poem about an incubus.

Lord Rylos Deridian

Crystal Wilford

A Dark Sorcerer of Dragonic Blood, called the Demon Lord, finds his Nightmare Castle unbearable and seeks release. His love, a being with Angelic appearance, unexpectedly encounters him...upon the last day of his life...or so it would seem. !WARNING! This is a Yaoi-Based story...Yaoi meaning guy-guy relationship, but nothing too bad happens. This was written for a friend.

Cubantes :: Species Notes

Ulpu Pajari

The title tells everything crucial. What Cubantes are.