Glade of Unicorns info

Meg Starks

hmmm just a little bit about the story... mainly so you can know what's going on in my crazy mind... more will be added later... and some of it might even change...

Kevali species info - WIP

Jen OCarroll

A work in progress. A detailed look into the racial traits, the ecology and the culture of the Kevali people. Please offer constructive criticism and ask lots and lots of questions... there's a lot that needs added to this, but i've srot of hit a brick wall in terms of knowing exactly what. So let me know what i've forgotten, things that you'd like to know, point out apparent errors etc.

About Colanths

C. Cullen

What the heck is a Colanth? Well hopefully you get an idea here.

Celestial Eternity: Prolouge

Maria Serna

This leads to a much LONGER series that I'm writing, titled Celestial Eternity. I'm really looking for critiques on this, good and bad alike, but please only constructive! Please leave a comment or e-mail me and let me know if you want to read more.

Twilight keep

Stevi Cook

This is jsut the prologue, its crappy, but i couldnt think of much to say for now, ill fix it when i finish the story, im working on two stories right now, one i already got 14 chaps. on it and this one which i only gots 5 but im more intersted in this one right now, and i had put the other one off to the side for now

Celestial Eternity: Dictionary

Maria Serna

Okay, I know I have this strange habit of making stories way too interconnected and throw characters at you en masse. ^_^;; But this should help. ^_^;; Here you'll find the spellings of anything that seems 'strange' in the CE story line.