Everyday Life in the Information Age

E. Hanna

A satirical essay. It comments the everyday life of people in the ancient twenty-first century. I'm so sorry for the spelling errors: I accidently sent in my rough copy instead of my revised copy. I hope it doesn't detract to much from the mood. Dare I say 'comments welcome'?

The Seven 3

Kathryn Gromowski

Alright, guys, it's finally here! All bright and shiny and new. I finally did a map for it. Anyways, I came off a 3 month dry-spell a couple weeks ago, and this was written in about 5 nights. It's about 7-8 hours of actual typing, and probably about 2 more of thinking while I couldn't sleep at night/was bored in class. Sooooo, see the other 2 for more info, and I hope you like it!v (Woot! They all have teachers! And...all but one have familiars! And...most of them are going where they're going to train! I feel special!!!) Update, 12/28/03: Yea, it's not quite so brand spanking new anymore, but it's all shiny and edited and such!

Never Look Back 1.2

Charles Trowbridge

Chapter two of three in the story. Yeah, i know i write short chapters. I do alot of untraditional things.

The dead of night.

Maria Öberg

It popped into my head during a lecture and demanded to be written down. I have absolutely no idea where it came from

Magic Parasite

Pedestal Guy

The real Jim 2

History of Dellran

Kelly Crawley

This is not a story, but instead a bit of history on the world where I write the majority of my stories. (Note: None of the Gemstone Council stories are set in Dellran.) I hope this history will help provide a bit more background for my writings.

Angel Cross - Rio

Lisa Karsai

And chapter five! A quick update to the next chapter this time eh? I have been writing a great deal so if a few details are out forgive me, i was too inspired and full of the urge to just write to look back and verify. Meet Rio! The information clerk!

Memories of Magic: Part V Memories of Something Lost

Diana Moon' Schmuckal

I give a lot of information in this chapter. There is still more to come, but if you have any questions about what is said, feel free to ask.

Kantaru Army

Bryan Woods

This explains the armies of the Kantaru

The Story: Information

Zach Dixon

Now this is where things like Maps would be set up if this was a book. Now there are no maps as of now and it will take a while to get one, cause I am a horrible artist. Though right now this the set up of the Echarian Military, which I thought might help people with some ranks cause I was starting to get confused with them so hope it helps. Also might be updated it include the different religions with in 'The Story' world.