Alchemy ch. 2

Sasha McGee

The alchemist realises that the girl is possesed by a djinn. She might be able to save her, but could die in the process

Unlocked - VII

Emily Kirsch

And we have another chapter. What, am I actually continuing this? Amasing. Introducing a whole slew of new characters in the next chapter... which might be up before this year is out!... or not.

The Lady and the Mirror Chapter 3

Mark Gooijer

The adventures of Zippo the Mythecantor and Synthe the Wanderer

The Road to Ennion, chapters three and four

Louise Boucher

The journey continues and the plot thickens! You must have some ideas about what has been going on in Lorne by now and I'd enjoy hearing what they are, as well as the usual comments and constructive criticism. I hope you find this part enjoyable, there are even some comic moments. And I'd better mention my sister Rebecca who helped with some of the editing and laughed at the jokes! In Chapter Four a character called Asphodel(us) is mentioned, I can't give too much away about him but he's really important to the overall story and I love him to bits, really, *whisper* even more than Haydain! The next part is on it's way.

Luck and Lust : The Players Regroup

Brian Cook

This is the first chapter in the story I am currently writing. The entire thing with all it's chapters is titled 'Luck and Lust.' The short story in my Elfwood Library is sort of a prologue for this one. Had to include my favorite character of course. Tell me what you think of it, always looking to make an improvement.

Godlike : Stolen Thunder

Amanda Rosberg Olsson

This is about a young nobleman/mercenary who meets a young sorceress who awakens an earlier dormant power in the mercenary's sword. This is alo part of a larger storyline I call 'Godlike.'

His Greatest Mistake

Øivind Stengrundet

A bard finds he has told his story once too many...

The New Frontier

Jean Boree

Oh just a small poem I wrote as an opening to an rp channel, I 've been running for several years but has slowly began to fade.. for many a reason, but like this poem shall remain dear to me never the less!

Old Honor

Frank Johnson

This is the next chapter of Right to the point. It is a little insight into the character the merc was hired to watch, Sir Frately. Enjoy!

The Quill (Part 4)

Julia Gilstein

From the road, to the inn. Amazingly, no one falls and crashes in this part. Not to say there isn't anything similar...

Chapter 9 (Cynth)

Joanna Wu

So Talin arrives safely in Cynth, but how will she apply the cure for her father?


Liz Salazar

Again, for all you people who went to my Loth gallery (what, you want MORE now?), I call this my short story series... er, thingy. I dunno, mebbe someday I'll put it together into a novel or something. I can't think of a title for it yet, hence the dreaded 'untitled' label--*gasp!* This is about a year-and-a-half to two years old... I'll get back around to it eventually.

Chap 1

Sam Bryant

the first part of a steampunk story I'm writing.

Wulfled Part 4 of 4

Jarrett Brown

Again not going to ruin the story if you made it this far, its not like its that creative anyway :P Just me having fun. And uh, this is the longest by far. . . sorry. . . sort of. Its like 2.5 times as long as all the others so have fun!

Fleu du Elgoria: Chapter VI

Jon Bretwalda Malek

Prophecy and bizarre weather; Powerful Magic and secrets revealed; corrupt lords and - yes, that is right - death. I hope you enjoy & all comments are welcome.

Dark genesis: chapter 1

Maria Sumpter

the start of my second serious attempt at a long story. (trust me, the first isnt worth it!) I dreamt up the storyline for my tech project . hope you enjoy.

Empire: Chapter I: Times of Change

Siegfried Baumann

Now, I know this looks very long, but even if you don't read the entire thing, I'd appreciate some comments. This the first chapter of a new idea I've had for a novel, and I'd really like to know what people think. I've got put up a hasty map, but it still incomplete in some places. So please leave some comments and tell me where to imrove. The idea for the story is basically like a medieval version of the Cold War, where two huge empires are engaged in a struggle for world domination, but both fear what will happen if they ever come to open war. So their battles are fought with pawns and innocents are caught in between.

Glass Hearts -- Chapter 1

Shiloh Drake

Liyen comes back with his elven companion to find his childhood sweetheart, but things don't go as he planned.

Hunters: Part 4

Josie Barrett

Part 4 of my Hunters story 


Colleen Sweeney

This is a section of the book that I'm writing so it may not make total sence... but I would like your imput. If you have any suggestions or ANYTHING I would love your thoughts!!! I am also looking for an editor... *hint hint* so if you are interested then drop me an e-mail... I'd love to edit anyone's work in exchange:)