Beth Smith Madden

This is a section of a five part description I'm doing on worst fears. Hopefully, I'll write the other ones eventually, and perhaps I'll even write a real story to go with it. I couldn't think of a name for her very quickly, so I just used my middle name. Just a note: please read through the whole story before dismissing it as a realistic fiction. Please?

a Lovely Maiden

Kim E. Hjelm


Innocent Child

Monica Stich

... ah, the knowledge of life ...

Brave New World

Louise Boucher

This story was written for my A level coursework and is based on The Tempest by Shakespeare. It contiunues the story after the characters have left the island but is close to its source and not very easy if you don't know the play. I have tried to make the world a very bleak place in which the innocent characters of Miranda and Caliban can not survive. The distructive nature of society and power is also an issue in The Citadel and this is the story where I first explored it. Origonally this story had an accompanying essay and anyone who wants to read it can do so from my journal entry. You can discuss the story in that entry as well.

To The Tune of the Blue Bells

Catherine Kale

This poem was written after reading this poem: http://elfwood.lysator.liu.se/libr/a/i/ainacatrine/faeries.txt.html?_=1094913596 I loved the line about dancing to the tune of the blue bells, I thought it was really sweet and innocent, and so with the authors kind permission, I wrote my own poem. Sadly the whole line doesnt fit with the rhythem of the poem, so I had to cut it down, but I still think it sounds really nice :)

Blue Lake Demon

Jennifer Herrington

This was written when I was completely bored. Not very good I'm afraid. But I still like it. Lael is a character from one of my stories, this was written as just a background. Many of my stories take place in Blue Lake, a small town near the base of a mountain with a beautiful crystal blue lake.

Battle Standard

Sara Rupp-Moody

I wrote this for school when we were supposed to do an essay on what our first and last name meant. But my teacher didn't like that it was a story, so, I got a C. *grumbles* -_-


Fred Hu

Quite awhile back, I wanted to create a gothic horror story. After a few turns..It turned into this little short story of innocence and fire. I am aware of quite a few of the grammar errors and such; but I have no intention of changing it..


Tina Walls

My introduction of my tigerwoman Fellat. She has a twin named Tio.

Love's Lament

Stephanie Maynard

First love poem!! ::does happy elven dance:: This is a followup to Demoness' Song. The things that I find icredibly amusing about the two pieces is a) Their centered around love, not death or the end of the world. Yes death and other dark things are in there but that's not the focal point, which is something totally unheard of for me b) Love's Lament, the 'sequel' was written before Demoness' Song I wrote Demoness' Song for the phrases 'And through the windows of his eyes/She sees into his soul' Funny thing is I never got around to using it. Hmm, expect a poem on the way with those lines in it!


Nicholas Ramsden

This story shows the thoughts of one of my most enigmatic and unpredictable characters yet. An immortal dedicated to the Destroyer, she thinks back on her life and the names of places she has seen.


Tasha-Ann Torres

This is a poem that I did out of the blue....well mostly I just wrote down the first line and then let it flow from there. I can't tell you much more otherwise I'll tell you whats in the poem. Read on!

Journal of Jack Harvester

Rick Welsh

This is a background I did for my first character in the new edition of D&D. It's written from his perspective, and goes from March to December (only about 7 pages).

The Serpent's Lethel Kiss/ The Angel's Binding

Stephanie Maynard

Another recent work of Morta's story. Notcie how I'm jumping all around with the order? ;) Anyhow, wrote one stanza of the poem, got stuck, had insomnia waiting for the new HP movie and this is what resulted. Yay for insomnia! It cures all my writer's blocks!


Heather Bryan

This is the begining of a major (total) re-write of a book I completed a few years back. Hopefully your feedback will help me to finish this one.

Raider 02: Accusations

Richard Lorenz

The accusations made against the hero.


Susan Remondi

A gremlin poisoned a pixie and framed a dragon for it (now who in their right mind would do that??). This is the trial.... kind of...

Stone of Heart

Mark Kramarzewski

Just a small break from my novel I've had it in the back of my mind for a while, and I thought it was really good, problem is, I had to get it through the front of my mind to write it, and thats where it lost most of it.

Losing Blood, Chapter six

Stacey Twiggs

Agustus continues to follow Alec.

How to Properly Terrorize Innocent Villagers

Dabao Jia

The name says it all, kinda...I can't really tell u much more or it will give it away. This is was a short little story I wrote while in the mood to write, so enjoy!