The Black Diamond

Christopher Watkins

Queen Morion is captivated by a powerful, magical gem. With it, she can do just about anything. Without it, she meets the brink of insanity.

My Living Fantasy...

Glen Holder

Welcome to my mind...

Palace Macabre Ch.3

H. Coyne

Anya meets the most advanced and mysterious member of the Doctor's household: Vivaldi.

The Unfinished Swordling Journal

Jenna Anderson

I dug through some old stuff I'd written and found this... And after I looked over it I decided to post it up here. Enjoy, and if there are any typoes, please tell me.

Personalities 2: Insanity Unleashed

Holly Becker

Reva hears voices that aren't just voices; they're actual people, alternate personalities. Unlike most others with her ability, however, all of her personalities are evil. What do you do when you can't control youself?


Brianna Kennedy

This is a story about my sad vampire becoming happy! YEY!

Silver Inches

Lauren King

A woman seeks vengeance on her family, yet there may be someone out there looking for revenge on her...

Black Night, Grey Dawn, White Mourning

Rhonda Jezek

The thought of this girl got to me so I had to write it. It's short because this snapshot of her really tells the whole story. I might revise it later, though, tell me what you think.

The Asylum of life

Kazz Leer

A poor spirit/ghost wanders through an 'Asylum' commenting on melancholy sites.

Incantations of Kathadin Chap 1-1

Jamie Provencher

A war has broken and the seals have been broken, the points stolen. Can Reachalla and her friends save the world while maintaning their sanity?

Incantations of Kathadin Chap 2-1

Jamie Provencher

A war has broken and the seals have been broken, the points stolen. Can Reachalla and her friends save the world while maintaning their sanity?

Dueling Banjos


As a child of the liberal arts, I don't just dabble in the written word, but I also enjoy acting on the stage. I wrote this monologue one evening as a stream of conciousess excerise. I've also performed this one during a monologue showcase at a local theater. It's always fun playing a crazy....

Oak Roses

Jeanette deBoer

In which a house fights back. Barely edited, a possibility of typoes and spelling mistakes etc. If you see anything really distracting, yell. At me.

The Creature

Stephanie Sims

A womans encounters a creature out of this world, or out of her mind.

A night in the mad house

Heather Chenery

Ok then, this was done from obviously first person of an incounter with Nico 'back- in- the- day' when he was ever so slightly more insane than his is now. It is from the point of veiw of the woman assigned to get information about who he was and what he was out of him and all they know is that his name is Nico. And that he doesn't like to be touched, *well yes...* o_O This scene feature when Nico had been somehow captured and is in a mental institution/ prison of some kind, etc. Needless to say he doesn't stay there for very long. ;)

aRe We InSaNe?

Sue Kim

This is a little poem that encompasses a lot of things. Love. Vampirism. Lust. Hopelessness. Emotional spirituality. Hope you like it!

The Insane


About a Doctor and Patient in a mental hospital during 1872


Bryony Stubbs

This had to be edited a little for Elfwood, but it might be better for it. It's just a poem about a vampire that isn't entirely friendly. I kind of feel sorry for her (or possibly him).


Eric Hopkins

A young man wonders why his lonely farmstead is being attacked by dragons.

The Misfortunate Misunderstandings: An Unlikely Junction of Souls

Michelle Schmitz

When Peter was a young boy he was cursed by a terrible witch. In effort to reverse this he goes off to find her to demand she fix him. On his journey he meets others who experienced the same fate. He even gains a few companions along the way.