The Black Diamond

Christopher Watkins

Queen Morion is captivated by a powerful, magical gem. With it, she can do just about anything. Without it, she meets the brink of insanity.

The Clown

Danyella Edwards

A little...I dunno..poem? Ramble? about my mask... the person I hide behind when I want people to see someone else than me. A happy, smiley, goofy person when I really feel like dying inside.

Ch. 4: Revelations

Brian Smith

In this chapter, you find out the origins of Rob and get one of the WEIRDEST comedy scenes I have EVER done.

The Is That Was Me

Briana Morris

This was another idea .. that came to me ... in moments ... like it needed to be written. I would love some input ....Would you like to read more of it?

The Delicate Petal of Now

Donna Marks

My first attempt at a 'Ghost Story'. Sometimes a haunting is not what it seems...

The Unfinished Swordling Journal

Jenna Anderson

I dug through some old stuff I'd written and found this... And after I looked over it I decided to post it up here. Enjoy, and if there are any typoes, please tell me.

Personalities 2: Insanity Unleashed

Holly Becker

Reva hears voices that aren't just voices; they're actual people, alternate personalities. Unlike most others with her ability, however, all of her personalities are evil. What do you do when you can't control youself?

Silver Inches

Lauren King

A woman seeks vengeance on her family, yet there may be someone out there looking for revenge on her...

Faerie Tales

Kortnee Bryant

Just a quick little something I wrote while extremely bored in my Middle Ages class.

A Question of Reality

Rhonda Jezek

An insane girl accused of murder makes a final choice on her fate. (I'm currently in the process of revising another version of this into a one-act play)

Except Love

andrew the KeltiK) scharbach

I got bored and decided to write a story about love. I dunno why. Just did. So anywayz I did and this is the sickning sweet result.



A tribute to Nikolai Gumilev, one of the greatest poets in the whole history of Russian literature and a skilled interpreter.

Games On a Summer Afternoon

Shuo Chen

Innocent play, or something more sinister?


Stephanie Knapp

My first horror poem! Was written during a stormy, boring day at school. The start of all my depressing disturbing poems.

The Creature

Stephanie Sims

A womans encounters a creature out of this world, or out of her mind.

A Very Fine Line

Brie O´Reilly

This story took far too long to reach completion, perhaps because it ended up so completely different from my original plans.  Although perhaps a bit anachronistic, this story jumps back in time (as if time matters to these folks) from Fear and Panic to introduce what I believe are Panic's roots.  In the process I discovered some of his other distant relations, which will hopefully join this series in the near future.  Enjoy!

Living the Dream

Erin Smith

It's a science fiction story set in the future about gaming and people...I'm just going to post what you write in the search words box because that best describes it: virtiual reality dream feel brain chips wire womb love romanace loss humanity program divorce insanity, and anything but sterotypical...initially called Sci-Fi Candy

aRe We InSaNe?

Sue Kim

This is a little poem that encompasses a lot of things. Love. Vampirism. Lust. Hopelessness. Emotional spirituality. Hope you like it!


Robyn Arbogast

Just another crappy poem... -_-;;

Rise of the Sha'noon: Cycle Eight

Pete Anderson

The poem enters its second major part: The Crimson Tear (the first one was called 'The Rose of Ladark'). The gloom of the Forest of Baruk is cheerful in comparison to the devistation of Ladark. Atleast here your greatest fear is a giant jaguar...