An Essay on What Is(n't)

Danyella Edwards

This is just odd.... This is simply me sitting down and writing with out direction, just flow of conciousness. It's definitely morbid, but this was a very depressed and messed up time in my life, so here's what came about.

These Words......

Heather Nicholson

I don't really know why I'm putting this's a short bit written at 3 o' clock last night. Have you ever gotten the feeling YOU weren't the one writing? that somehow these ideas were a gift from someone. That's how I feel when I write poety & this explains the feeling.


Sandee Eames

This was written a few years ago, when my friend Angel was a major source of inspiration in my life. This was my way of saying thanks.

Stains on the Paper

Bianca Tangermann

A metaphorical story about our enemy - writer's block! Alternative title: 'The Butterfly Effect'. Mermaid-less story (everyone rejoice!) and actually finished. (Cheers and kisses!) The story idea developed a few days ago when I actually got a new idea for my ongoing comatose other story, Chasing Shadows, and I made a post in my livejournal stating how inspiration is like a butterfly that can't be caught. Other inspirations for this were: footage from the upcoming animated movie 'Corpse Bride' (which I'm SO seeing) the song 'Road to Mandalay' by Robbie Williams - it may not have been a direct inspiration, but it helped me get into the mood I wanted to get across - and of course my own undying writer's block.

Inspiration of a Writer

Tyson Livingston

This is a little poem about what inspires me as a writer. Of course my muse is a demon that knocks on my window at night. I tried echoing the tapping of Poe's raven in the story as well as some of the tropes of a couple other writers, and generally tried to interpret writing as a supernatural/spiritual experience. Anyway, let me know what you think.

A Longing

Camille Sabino

Something i created after reading about irish myths and legends.


Lily Archer

Poem. Sometimes it's hard not to measure your own work against all of the beautiful things which influenced you.

The River Passing By

Cheryl White

The river runs so cool and swift, yet swifter and sweeter still flows the song of the unicorn......


Kristin Bremmer

A Muse Alone

Cynthia Roeder

Part of a series about females with their world torn away. This story makes me want my very own Galvinia to inspire ME!

To Be a Musing

J Taylor

The creature is mentioned all the time at Elfwood...but what exactly is a muse? What does a muse do and what does it do when it is not weaving its typical inspiration?


Lyndsay Gilbert aka Liadan

poem story about an Angel Muse

No More Words

Shuo Chen

Written to help me overcome a writer's block.

My Private Hell (poem)

Mary Harrison

I shall leave this for you all who read (and leave a comment!) to interpret. *^_^*

Eternally, Yours

William Baum

These characters have been with me for a long time. They started out as characters when I was very young and first getting into roleplaying games and fantasy novels. For that reason, they hold a special place in my heart.I haven't been writing for a few years (starting a family has been very time-consuming, but well worth it!) and haven't visited this site in a long time but once I was reintroduced and started perusing such diverse writings and styles, I feel like it's time to start it back up. 

The Flight of the Night Owl

Laura Engler

This poem is ancient, but people seem to really enjoy it, and so it remains.

Guardian Angel

Brigit E. Hansen

It's about a guardian angel, obviously. I was feeling very Catholic when I wrote this, and the lyrics for the song came from the song 'Deep Within.' I don't own the rights for that or anything... Well, read it, it's nice and short and remotely inspiring.

Hoarfrost and Throe

Inger Hognestad

I had a lot of fun writing this one. Hope you'll get a laugh from it, and better yet, choke just a little on that laugh... hehe. You can easily substitute color pencils with keyboard if you like, the analogies still applies :) It’d be interesting to know if anybody can relate to the content, one way or another, or if it’s only me whose head is slightly screwed up... :P *dodges an ethereal arrow* When I wrote it, a picture belonging to Ursula Vernon, and called 'Angel of Babylon II' kept returning to my mind. I think the picture and her comment to it add something to the story. Don't expect it to be obvious though. the motif is nothing like what I wrote of :) Actually, if you have your own fantasy story or painting of your version of the battle with your muse, nemesis, spouse or whatever, drop me a note and I’ll come running over to your place to have a looksee and comment.

Meet my Muse.

Mariska Yarzagaray

A short storie: i had time on my hands, and I wanted to write, but Hack, my dear muse wasn't working along with me.

Sing a song and let it go silent

Beth Hodges

Sometimes things happen and you know why but then you won't tell yourself