Introduction: Valley of View

Dawn English

Sactalari (Wow, what a fancy name for an introdution) The introduction to my story, 'Valley of View'. You get to meet the Narrator, a Sactalari who'd tell you his name if it weren't against regulations.


Laurel Austin

This is the thesis of my story--the idea around which I'm basing the entire thing. It needs some work in the grammar and semantics, but I'm happy with the way I've put it here for the most part. I don't plan to change it much.

The Clandestine Servants - Prologue

Carl-Stéphane Habeck

The prologue to my novel. Mostly it sets the story without storytelling.

Asking Questions

Martijn der Kleijn

I wrote this to tell something about myself. Originally it was the first assignment I made last week for an on-line writing course I'm taking.

Invasion of the Fittest

Angela Kingston-Smith

Rangi and Rewi are tawaki - a species of penguin, living peacefully in their village on the shores of a fiord. However, they are about to face tragedy - at the hands of malicious mammalian invaders. A sort of anthropomorphised look at the impact of introduced species on an established ecosystem. Written initially for a magazine, and thus one of my few genuinely short stories.

01: Sashen ch 1 - 2

andrew rowling

The begining, of course. Includes the prologue. Gotta start somewhere, hehe

Elysium: Introduction

Eric Ford

This is the 'introduction' to my story. Yeah its just a letter but I'm trying to introduce more aspects of the world and its setting as the story starts.

Prologue: The Elfkin

Shannon Jones

A little intro to The Elfkin story. Explains the world the story takes place in.


Troels Jørgensen

This is what alle the poems and stories I will post is really all about! ;) ... many of my stories is written in Danish sooo it will take a while to translate them!.. In the meantime.. enjoy this waggo goblinlitterature! ;)

Cat's in the Cradle-part two

Vicky Barrett

This is short but sweet, really it should be the prologue, but as I already have an introduction it's Chapter 1 and part 2. The next part is significantly longer, which is why it's taking longer to get ready.

CotAoE Introduction

Richard Blackburn

Introduction to the setting of The Chronicles of the Age of Elfongor. Written in the voice of Drovosh the Historian, Master of CotAoE Research and Distribution. I intend on having many more short stories(10 books) and two novels (but not all of that will make it onto this site).


Melissa Phifer

This is a story about a fighter porcupine :D

Merinov Saga: I - Dark Day

Andrew Corner

This is the story of the first in the line of the Merinov Family, Andrakos. It was an attempt to bring a background to the character all the events that are described in the story have origins in gameplay. This story also helps introduce the next character, Alzos, after the first one's untimely death. I'd love any and all comments to help improve this, and all my stories.

The Ever Born Quintet: Canticle of Dawn and Dusk

Derek Mycroft

This is the introductory poem to book 1 in the Ever Born Quintet entitled 'Of Dawn and Dusk'.

Nights of the Dragonfly Chapter 1

Ailsa Corinne

The first chapter of a long and very complicated story, that has to be revealed over a long time. This is merely the introduction. Glossary Infiltrate - to enter someone’s mind without their consent or knowledge and absorb all of their past, thoughts, memories and desires. Bloodscent - the scent of a human and their blood that only a Vampiris can smell, each human has a unique smell. Study - to enter a human mind, who cannot know that you are there and to watch them as they go about their daily actions. Merge - to be joined to a human or Vampiris through the mind in order to gain hearing of the spoken words in their thoughts and to speak to them directly through mind communication. Anomaly - a bond of love between a human and a Vampiris.

'Of the Gemini' An Introduction to Dark Avenger

Lisa Lee

This immediately follows the story 'The First Armageddon' It recounts the first battle of good and evil between the warlord known as Damocles and Demitrius, the last surviving Zodiac Guardian. He would go on to defeat the warlord, and as a reward only his descendants are allowed to possess the Dark Avenger, a legendary sword and staff that Demitrius used to win the war.

Shiloe the Divinator

Meryl Ferguson

A brief introduction for a character in a joint fic which is now, sadly, defunct. I've kept it because I like the saga-style of the writing. One of my better early works.

Intro to My world

Marcus Ager

This is the introduction to the world I have invented for my writing, including descriptions of the races (various anthros) and the characters. If you get confused while you are reading any of my stories about anthros (which may or may not be all of them), or if you just want more info on a specific character or the backround of the world I'm writing in, check it out! ^^. Note: New characters Sakura, Eleron, and Ryu up now!


Roehl Sybing

The opening page of my newest science-fiction site, this short is merely titled 'Introduction' to introduce those who are unfamiliar with the concept of parallel dimensions. It is also for introducing my newest serial in production, 'Roll Call.'

An introduction

Jonathan Robinson

The introduction to an existential sci-fi plot that I'm working on.