Beauty and the Beast, 24-25

Carmel Shachar

C'mon all my male readers, judging by my guy friends if they had the power to be invisible they'd do something similar to what the Beast does. But first... do you believe in Breakfast?

Golden Star, Silver Moon (c3-4)

Julia Hoekstra

Imagination takes a turn

Serge Isakov

Well another english paper gone the wrong way. I like this one, as sometimes i can relate to this in my own special way. It took around 40m inutes to write, maybe less (thats how long we have on the papers) i edited somethings, sentences i dont like, and around 20 spelling mistakes, which is just above my average.

The Manipulator, Ch. 1: The Apprentice

Max Wolf

Wolf Fate: The hope of the Other World, who alone has the power to stop his own father and putting right a world that went completely wrong. He never expected he was speciel, but then the Manipulator Jack Blade shows up at cozy home and tells him differently. He says he can manipulate anything, and that he was to be trained to destroy evil in the Other World. Wolf has a big decision to make: Does he go and be trained as a Manipulator, or does he stay with his brother and grandmother?

The Manipulator, Ch. 2: Connected

Max Wolf

"Only blood can kill blood." Wolf and Blade travel to the Other World to meet with Griff Harold, who confirms Wolf as the most powerful Manipulator he has ever seen. Blade names Wolf "Apprentice Manipulator", and a connection is formed between Wolf and his gryphon.


Pamela Lehmann

People can see the Pyllare, the power within every plant, animal, and person. People can see the Pyllare even with their eyes closed, so few ever open their eyes. But Nevin Sylesta is different. He does not contain the Pyllare. He can not see the Pyllare. And then he meets one like himself. (Another quote story! The quote was 'Let's commit suicide together.' The quote was given to me by my sister. I don't think this quote was ever in a story.)

Perfect Match

Samantha Magnus

Entertainment fiction. A cute story. The inspiration came from my bedroom door, which shakes violently at random.

From a Fairy Tale~Chapter One

Joanna Blaine

What is life after death? Do we truly die or do we just leave this realm? Skylar Drake was killed in a school shooting by her own brother and finds a place that doesn't resemble the heaven her christian parents taught her about.


Mathais A'Court

This is brand new, infact so far no one has read this except my girlfriend! I just finished it, and now I give it to Elfwood, so make all the comments you like. Personally, I'm pretty pleased with the way it came out. Also, it's called Edge for now, being that he's the main character in it, but I'm looking for a better title. Any ideas?

01 - Dark Master

Rachel Pears

This is character background for Zith. It takes place in the dark-elf dungeon, deep below the surface world. In this tale Zith enters into a bargain with Vadagh, the dark-elf sorceror. Note from the writer - please go easy on my punctuation I know it's not perfect. All comments welcome - I will endeavour to reply.

From A Fairy Tale~Chapter Three

Joanna Blaine

There is beauty in faith, but faith must be earned. Before faith, there must be leverage to hold another's soul.

The Unseen Retribution

Scott Schubert

Here, I tried to integrate poetry with a story. Generally, I don't really like poetry, but I thought it just kind of fit with this one. It tells about... well, just read it and get your own thoughts about it.


Matthias-erich Born

a poem I managed to write on the spare time I had.

Symaira: Chapter four

Sarah Kerr

Luca and Dyian begin their latest task, only to find that even the smallest fault will get you nowhere. Bethane begins to search for help in desperation, turning the temple's eye towards the rebels

The Crystal Girl

Eryn Rose' Wilkens

Ever wonder if you were really invisible? What if you loved someone and they didn't notice you? I suppose this is how the Crystal Girl feels. Written end of 2002.

*I'm here*

Julie Lebeau

Please tell me what you think this text is about! Everybody seem to have a different point of view and I'd like to know which is your...


Kimberly Steele

This is a poem I wrote when I was 10. I know not exactly the rhyming type but everyone I know likes it. Oh its about faeries, duh.

From a Fairy Tale~Chapter Two

Joanna Blaine

Skylar hides a dark facade behind her funny demeanor. I'll just bet you Yevi didn't expect that.

Dragonsblood part 2

Conna Stevenson

Yay! Everybody loves plot exposition!

VII. Lisius (Part A)

Kristen Heritage

This is a long chapter, so I split it in two....I won't say that Lisius is the villain.  There really isn't a distinct VILLAIN in my story, there are only different people and various conflicts of interests....  Lisius is Helena's advisor.  You will see more of him.