The Sidhe Revenge- prologue

Daniel Rehbehn

Everyone knows the myths about the mysterious race that once inhabited Ireland and how they disapeared. What would happen if they came back?

The Oil Lamp

John Samuel

If it hadn't have happened, I would not have believed it !

Chapter One

Abigail Taylor

Annabelle-Lee is a young journalist taking her studies abroad and her first two days in Ireland have turned to be quite eventful. She is awakened in the middle of the night by the last person she expects, a half-wolf who has made his living as legendary rock star Tobias Williams.

Two Souls Collide

Jessica Johnson

This is the first story i've every written. It's about a woman named Mera O'Reilly, who is telling her own story about her childhood life in Kinton Ireland (Kinton is not a real village in Ireland). She meets an Elf like person named Kiyhon(Key-yho-in) and they become fast friends.

Blood Bonds

Jenny Morash

This is a story that covers a bit of the past of one of the characters that I play online. It's reccomended that you read 'Julianna' first.

The Vampire Caiman (4th in vamp series)

Brianna (Bree) Lawcock

Caiman's story, intertwined with chaos. updated with a few paragraphs at the very end! ^-^

Mr. Hollow-Tree

Andy LeFevour

It's about an Irish family with an 'interesting' neighbor. (Go on! Read it!)

Ol 'Nessy

Lindsay Mitchell

This is actually a poem that I wrote about the Loch Ness monster. It's cute and in terms of ryming meter, it's definitely my best to date. Also, my geography SUCKS so land marks might not be correct but it worked for this poem.

A Tale of Eire

Dean Dunlap

 This is a short story I had written as a result of a writing challenge.

Call to the Sea

Danaye Weber

My take on a Celtic myth: the Silkie.

Fianna, Wolves in Ireland, Part 8C

Anne Miller

Mabh has held out, but is it enough?

Fianna, Wolves in Ireland, Part Nine

Anne Miller

Mabh (Fiona) and Oisin try to make an exit from their life with Conri. Unfortunately, things don't go smoothly. Mabh is forced to make a choice...

Fianna, Wolves in Ireland, Part 8A

Anne Miller

Mabh finds out the truth about her dealings with Conri...

The Highwayman - Part 3

Braxton Cook

In Part 2, Daniel is beaten as Henn and Naomi argue. Naomi has decided to accept an arranged marriage to Daniel but Henn convinces her to wait until the Elders meet in one month. Henn then leaves town and cons his way into a caravan where he has seen CD players. There he befriends a slave woman, Darla. Stealing some food and a player, Henn slips away in the dead of night but is watched by Wilson, the Chief Guardsman. Before he can warn the camp, he is killed by Darla who then leaves the camp to follow Henn. Meanwhile, on the first clear day of spring, Naomi heads for the town market. There she argues with Daniel who tells her he will never be second to Henn. As Daniel storms away, Naomi collapses in the marketplace. We join the story as the militia is called in to investigate Wilson's murder.

Faolchu: The Last Wolf of Eire

Emily Weichbrod

There are no more wolves in Ireland, but this is my take on what hapened to the last.

The Call To Ira Lin

Janell Poulin

Written a VERY long time ago, or so it seems to me. This one is a ghost story attemp and it's about a young woman in a new house with a certain occupant. Isn't it pretty much always the old new houses that have a ghost or two?

Spindle Red

Lyndsay Gilbert aka Liadan

Chapter One of a twisted Christmas Faerytale

Lament for Cuchulainn

Talor Cruithne

An old poem I once wrote, inspired by the Irish myth of the hero Cuchulain from Ulster, who fought Queen Medb of Connacht in the service of king Conchobar mac Nessa. It's not much, but you got to remember that it's still two yearsold or so...It was written btw as lyrics to that tune by the same name -

Fianna, Wolves in Ireland, Part Two

Anne Miller

This is our little Fiona/Mabh's start in her new home with her foster 'family' and of course, yet another renaming.

Fianna, Wolves in Ireland, Part Twelve

Anne Miller

Fiona gets paired with a feoil