That Place

Lor Steward

Short drabble from my character Isaac's point of view. He reflects on himself and his story, and what he's done. Copyright to me, thanks. (*A dovie is a guardian angel, so to speak)

The Blade of Arcturas: 7

Pat Zerkel

This chapter gives an explanation of what happened to Isaac. It is also a stepping stone to the next part of the story, the Delaminus Woods.

The Blade of Arcturas: Chapter 2

Pat Zerkel

In this chapter, Isaac encounters his first battle situation, and realizes that he will have to contend with an ancient and powerful carbal of evil priests who want him dead, at all costs.

The Blade of Arcturas. Chapter 3

Pat Zerkel

Isaac finally makes it to the Elven city of Hithenleth. Everyone has a good time, and at the end, a big surprise happens.

The Blade of Arcturas: 5

Pat Zerkel

Ryn and Isaac make it to the town of Karmas, and are about to be attacked by orcs. Fun stuff!

The Blade of Arcturas: 6

Pat Zerkel

A battle with the orcs, followed by a big party, followed by evil foreshadowing. OHHH!

Cathedral: Chapter 1

Matthew Akers

A continuation of the Cathedral story, in a way. Also another study on dialogue, and a study on a female personality. Did I do well? Updated with a few changes.

The Blade of Arcturas: 4

Pat Zerkel

The last little bit before Isaac starts the real adventure.