Dragon Rising

A. Ulinski

On a jewel of an island warded by a single, magnificent dragon, Aldara knew exactly who she was and what she was to become. But blood - both hers and the Warden's - has the power to change lives, loves, and celestial bodies.

Open eyed

Sasha McGee

This is my first real attempt at anything approaching a horror story. Fishermen pull a body from the water and bring her to their island. She is buried and for a while everything seems fine, but then people start to die

Palace Macabre Ch. 2

H. Coyne

Anya arrives at the island and the wondrously strange house and glimpses a few of its mysterious inhabitants.

Star Kitty: The Legend of Felindoria

Avery Ashlyn' Thompson

In search of his sister, Star learns the Legend of Felindoria, the place where all cats originated, a story most special to black cats.

Elryn: Chapter 6

Brian Saul

All in all, after much fiddling, I find I'm reasonably happy with this chapter.  I didn't like it at first, and never could figure out why...but I've grown to enjoy it.  I've also played with it a lot, and think managed to work out most of the little things that bothered me.Let me just say though, I love Violet.  She is a blast to write.

The Island by Amelie Part 2

Amelie Forbes

Marooned alone Chloe continues to adjust and adapt to life on the island. But is she beginning to adapt a little too well....??

The 14th of April

Anna Britala

A story I started a year ago. Hasn't been finished yet. The introduction may be non-magical, but it is needed. Story about me, and how I changed when I met my guardian fairy. In mind, not face-to-face, but it still was a remarkable event in my life.

Selina rescues Jaime

Nikki Archambault

I'm attempting to write a series of stories centering around an island named Serena. On the island or in the surrounding waters of Serena live three races humans, a race of mermaids & mermen named Mers and the third is a half breed race that comes from human & Mer unions. If anyone has a suggestion for naming the half breed race let me know. This is the first short story written from this series. The island Serena has been all but destroyed due to a volcanic explosion on the island. All of the human population is injured. Some humans are even dead. Selina a brave female Mer has just rescued Jaime a male human where our story picks up.

The Dragon Isles Chapter 01 Kader's Grief

Katherine Bates

The beginning of a very long story of dragon riders and spirits intent on taking over the world. Anything in italics is spoken through the mind, and not heard outloud.

The Sea and the Palm Tree

Kristin Molle

If you've ever looked at my art gallery, there's a picture of a girl resembling a palm tree, and a blue-ish dragon. (yes, it's colored now!). Anyways, that picture was rather mediocre as things went, so to make up for it, I wrote this. The poetry itself isn't that exciting, but I still felt rather clever about the idea. I'll just hope two so-so's make a 'good'! =) I haven't gotten the illustration html to work yet, so just visit my gallery for the accompanying picture!

Rabbit Island

Rosie a.k.a female fred

hehe. I love doing nonsense poetry!! i haven't done any in ages, so it was a great relief to create this! I did it while in the car on a journey to visit my grandparents, and i saw a rabbit on the island in a roundabout. and now, rabbit island!!

Midnight and Amber Chpt 3a

Sandra Wagner

Babes in the Woods- Meeting up again with Landros and Adrick, as well as her newest friends, Rog and Keltree to rescue a group of missing children


Mik Bechard

Written in OAC Writer's Craft, and has gone through numerous hackings and slashings. I'm still not overly impressed, but I can always fix it some more.

The Water Maid


A sailor finds a mermaid and tells her of the world beyond the ocean.

Singularity In the Shadows

Lindsay S.

I abandoned my work on my regular novel to begin another. This work of mine is still under construction, and I only provided the very beginning for you to read. I hope you enjoy it.

Safe Harbour (Part 1)

Kelly Holmes

'People called the island Safe Harbour, but to those two cold, weak figures sitting huddled together on the bow, it was far from a safe harbour. For them and the thousands like them, it was the contrary.' Two slaves endowed with special mind powers escape the cruel and ritualistic island of their birth to avoid a terrible fate bestowed upon them by the Overseers that rule Safe Harbour. What would you give up a for chance to live? For them, it may be everything.

sentient heart

Deanna Scott

Another elf-song. There is a long story behind this one, in which an elven island is destroyed by dragonfire, and the surviving elves together with the spirits of the island's trees magically revive it. That story to come.

Island of Lyon, Book One , Chapter One

Niina Kokko

The Kingdom of Halei is under attack by the savage Easterns. The King must venture to the Island of Lyon to gather more army. His decision to sail to the island will cost him something rather personal.

The Island by Amelie Part 3

Amelie Forbes

At last just as Chloe`s fears for her humanity peak, the opportunity to make it back to her loved ones arises. But she is a much changed person now. As she struggles to hide her secret she realises that time is no longer on her side....

The Island by Amelie Part 4

Amelie Forbes

Chloe finds life back in civilisation is not without its problems. Suspicions arise over her story of her time lost at sea. With the risk of being exposed growing greater by the hour, she`s forced into a desperate choice....