Muffin vs. Black Jack

E. Hanna

A fantasy battle for my friend, Miffy.

Dark Nights, chapter 5

J. Hillman

Damian and Jack (and Lynne) fight to save the world.

Random Chapter

Bella Feine

My sister (age ten) was complaining to me about having to go to the cinema and watch some strange film about a little naked baby who saves the village with a twig and a pair of shoes when this chapter came out of no where. I have no idea what the rest of the story is, who the characters are, how it's just there.

Emerald Tides: Prologue One

Elizabeth Coble

This is the begining, explaining a little about the Change, and Physicals.

The Angel and The Damned (Chapter One)

T. Smith

All Hallow's Eve. Midsummer Night. Halloween. 'When the freaks come out'. Or for the residents of Wakiomo, 'The Damned'. Four Histish boys live on the edge of the junkyard with their grandmother, who most call 'Auntie Fey'. They're a good bunch, polite and easy to get along with. Many are friends with the boys. Some aren't, but even though there are disagreements about whether this family can be trusted--they do live, after all, on the edge of the junkyard--everyone belonging to this small town knows of the sixth resident in the boys' home, and his purpose--and they keep him secret. They call him Gabe, after the angel Gabriel, because that is what he is to them--something of an angel, and he is the only protection on All Hallow's Eve, 'when the freaks come out'. When The Damned come out. But there is a new family moving in. A broken, incomplete family, consisting of Emeline Engill, her son, Brett, and her daughter, Jack. At first, the newcomers seem reasonably normal and the people of Wakiomo are reassured they'll take no serious notice of the strange little superstitions and rituals, and overall odd behavior of Wakiomo's residents and consider them nothing more than just that--little superstitions and rituals and simple overall odd behavior. But Emeline, Brett, and Jack moved into this small, somewhat 'country' town for reasons. Reasons they don't plan on sharing--not the real reasons anyway. For the Engills, this new home is a safehouse from their previous life. But they have no idea how dangerous it really is. Or rather, jack has some idea, but no one's listening to her. Jack is immediately drawn to the Fey boys, and especially Gabe. Yet her behavior is odd--it's obvious she wants to really talk to them, yet she stays on the edges, not approaching the boys or anyone else unless absolutely necessary. But then Jack and her family experience something they can't believe and can't deny. And because of this, they all becomes involved with the dark circle of the small town's dark history and pulled into in the never-ending battle with The Damned. But it's not just the dark past of the town Jack herself gets involved with. She gets involved with Gabe's dark past, too. And he with hers.

My New Jack

Leonard Kim

 The idea for this got stuck in my head, so I ended up writing it on my phone while eating lunch.

Dark Nights, chapter 4

J. Hillman

If you don't know Damian and Jack, then go to the beginning.

Rip in TIme

Paul Mather

A Time traveller seeking the truth about an old legend, discovers a tarrible secret.

Third Realm

Kelsi Dick

Gods, goddesses, demons, mortals. Effectively having a ball and driving each other nuts. It may only be funny to me, but that's good enough I think.

Emerald Tides: Prologue Two

Elizabeth Coble

This is a short second prologue, explaining the Internals side of things.

Emerald Tides: Chapter Five

Elizabeth Coble

Jack has a revelation, and Ez learns to make tako yaki.

Emerald Tides: Chapter Six

Elizabeth Coble

Births, lives, and deaths; and a gift from Jack's heart.


Jason Allard

This is really more of just a scene. Its the event that precipitates 'Showdown.'

Zombie Jack

J. Dunfield

I wrote this for a contest on GaiaOnline, although, to satisfy all questioning minds, it is of my own creation and therefore not fanfiction. Gaia is forum website which has found no way to incorporate zombies into their mostly anime directed content. I got second place.. I haven't really proof read it as well as I *should*, but perhaps someday I'll go back through it and change the truly awkward sections. The story itself is about a man who wakes up to find himself in an unfamiliar environment with little knowledge as to how he arrived there.. Hell, I don't even know how that happened. Anyway, I can't tell you more, because that would ruin the surprise!! Pineapple Surprise!!!! Oh! And as a last warning (because my story was once rejected for this as well) I have a few ABBA lyrics near the tale's end.. They're stolen from 'Dancing Queen,' and I in no way claim to have written them.

A Grimmer Little Tale

Zania Marais

*wince* Please no-one flame me about my unoriginal sequel naming. I know it’s horrible.Also I know this probably isn’t quite as good as the first, but then sequels hardly ever are. Either way I enjoyed writing it, which is probably what matters.Please feel free to point out any spelling or grammar mistakes you notice (no doubt there’ll be a few of the latter) If they’re not corrected, I haven’t noticed them which means unless someone waves a burning neon flag in my face and puts big red arrows around said mistakes or alternatively commenting on them, they never will be.*looks at the above sentence* Grammar mistakes in the caption does not count.Hope you enjoy! I would really advise reading ‘A Grimm Little Tale’ first before trying to understand this one… on the other hand, even after that it will probably still not make sense.

Toys - Scene One

Marianne Cassidy

A play. I woke up one morning after a very strange series of dreams, and sat down and worked on the first two scenes of this play for six hours straight, without eating. Needless to say, I felt slightly sick after that. I was also sick of looking at the damn thing. It was supposed to be scary, like the dreams. But by the time I was immersed in MS Word, the essence of what had made those dreams so frightening was almost gone. And until I get a few friends to attack it with their critical eyes, I dare not edit it beyond basic spelling mistakes. And so I give you: TOYS A horribly unedited play.

Motone (BlackJack's Origin)

E. Hanna

This one's dedicated to an old buddy, Camilla 'Motone' Whitney. It takes me a while, but I told you you'd get your own story.

Something in the closet

Emily Kirsch

Ever wonder if you weren't really just imagining?

Dark Nights, chapter 2

J. Hillman

chapter two here we go

Jack Cambridge (Part 1)

Benjamin Murphie

Jack gets a proposition, one that it would pay to take up in his kind of work. This story came from nowhere but i'm quite proud of it.