The rag doll of Seirian

Gwladys Sarie

Seirian, the copper salamander, and her friends, Muirgen and the other travelled with an airship with the island of three nymphs, limnades (nymphs of the lakes) to find a treasure.

Chiisai Kyoufu

Tina Walls

I joined a thread with this long post but I enjoy this character so it just happened to turn out long. This is meant to simply be a character exercise. Update: Edited March 25, 2001

The Gift

Heaven Benford

A man, not of this world fled to Earth to start a new life. For him to stay here safely he had to adhere to a few conditions... a few conditions he didn't expect to follow.

Chapter 1: Meet the Family

Brianne Hughes

In this part of the story, you are introduced to the main character and her family. You are also given hints of the world she lives in and what her magical powers may be. Comments and Critiques highly encouraged- an ongoing project... will take a while to finish but I need all the help I can get :D

Chapter Two: The Wellman's Plague

Brianne Hughes

Continuation of my 'Prologue' and my 'Chapter 1: Meet the Family'

Dark Descent (Prolouge)

Jamie Chan

A twist on perspective, dark with a 'bad' person for a main character. A look into Jade's life and why she became a dark mage. No one to trust, only herself and her abilities, for what is compassion except for a form of weakness?

Dragon Trio: Trouble

Jessie Hoesing

Ah yes, this little article of writing... I wrote it last year, once more for my religion teacher (how it had to do anything with the topic I don't know lol I don't remember what it was). People liked it, everyone didn't get to hear all of it since it woulda taken all class hour and he was bein' a bum. Anyways, this li'l bit of writing is about one of the thieves from my li'l trio called the Stealing Dragon Trio. Jade's in trouble and is forced to confront her bounty hunter. A fight is involved and such. The ending is horribly weak in my opinion. But I had to end it some how or else it was gonna be TOO long! Hope you enjoy it! ^^

Through the Mirror - Prologue

Paul S.Valley

An incredibly enticing adventure. Thats all that need be said.

Jade_Chapter 1

Sheila Henson

This is the first chapter to a long story about a fantasy loving teenaged girl and her life and dealing with her parents death. In the beginning she doesnt like herself much, and wishes she could live up to the mystical goddess her mother was, but after many strange and magical things, in the end, she finds that her reality is as good as any fantasy, and so is she.

Machiavelli Theory (Criminals 2)

Christina Williams

Raven is back! Jade needs her help? huh? go read now!

Goddess' Blesings

Rosalind Souter

Sekari is a young girl with a rare condition, she has a fairy! She meets a young woman named Jade who is about to change her life...

Prologue: Goddess' Blessings

Rosalind Souter

This is the prologue to the main story, things make a lot more sense in the story if you read this..


Rachel Pelton

It's hard to say really, I've made so many different versions of this particular story. One that's starts with a fight, and then goes back in time to explain everything. One where the main character works like every normal person, and now this one. I like the way this is going. Once I finish this, and if God's with me on it, I'm going to attempt to get it published. (at which point it'll be removed from Elfwood) I'm not going to post everything, just the first few chapters. ^_^

Morning Star

Christy Kassler

This is a poem about a dawn goddess waking up

Vael: A Childhood Lost

Emily Faerber

Gee, that's a cliché title. Anyways, the story of my character Vael. There's some violence, to warn you.