Brekk Adrian

A school assignment, the challenge was to create a story about the unkonw, i chose to tell the tale of a corrupted priestess, a set of twins and a creature. The story is set in feudal Japan and got a rather high mark for the project, i hope you enjoy it.


Mike Imsenik

A work in progress. This was actually the first story I started writing, and it's been in hiatus ever since. Translations (Japanese = English): Bara = Rose Toge = Thorn Kadoguchi = Gateway Awaihata = Light Edge Kuroken = Dark Sabre Kousa Makai = War of Hell Fuhensai = Omnipresence

The Watchers of Worlds:My Mika

Lainey Welsch

I turned this one out whilst sitting in class. My friends say its kind of depressing but I think not. I think its kind of hopeful. Let me clue you in on some of the kinky lingo. Heart algorimeter is a futuristic word for the heart; neo-cortex is the brain and hmm...*flips pages* thats it enjoy the story!!

Nekokaburi Chapter 1

Jason Allard

During the last decades of the Tokugawa regime, a magistrate is sent to the distant frontier of Hokkaido to investigate a mysterious beast that is killing beast that is killing peasants by the dozens.

The Wind Follows Him

Mathais A'Court

This is a Sci-Fi story I came up with. The main character, I realized while I was writing it kinda reminds me of Sepiroth, the guy from Final Fantasy VII. I assure you, it's purely coincidental. Anyway, This is one of my better stories I think.

against a friend

anthony coleman

Two friends find themselves in a brutal fight to the death in a war game of the future.

A Light in the Shadows

Amy Hanna

Another story I wrote about a character of mine, Shadow. *Music that added to this piece: Smashing Pumpkins' 'The End is the Beginning is the End' and 'The Beginning is the End is the Beginning' from the Batman and Robin Soundtrack*

The Princess Samurai

Sophia Cowan

A young battle maiden was taken in by a retired member of the Emperial Palace, who perfected her fighting technique, and also taught her how to be a princess! In a time of great strife in the Emperial Palace, has their princess truely returned to them? And will the one who seems to be most concerned about finding her prove trustworthy?

Crimson Blade: Chapter 00 (Prologue)

Chad Wilson

This is the prologue of a story that I'm writing. I have no idea how long it's going to be


Christopher Owen

A short story of a falling out between friends

Warrior (Parts I, II, & III)

Andrew Rice

A short story about a true warrior's involvement in a revolution of cowards, a revolution aimed at the destruction of such morals and lifestyles as true warriors lead. Definitions: kai-rek - A style of the katana taught only in the northern mountains. It is a style that holds magic within its mystical moves. There are very few masters of this style.


Athey Nansel

Okay - this has no real title yet. I've never been able to decide on one. Plus it's not even remotely finished. This is barely even an introduction. But I figured I'd post it since this much as actually been written, and I've gotten a couple requests for the story behind my characters. Anyways, here it is. Tell me what you think of it so far. If enough people yell at me, I might actualy get around to writing more ^_^;;


Andrew Euston

This is the tale of a ninja warrior named Takeo. It takes place during the battles that took place in Japan during the 1600's when Oda Nobunaga attempted to crush the Iga and Koga Ninja for their defiance of his total rule.


J.M. Jakobsen

What would it be like to suddenly find yourself in a new and twisted reality?


Laura Weber

Lessons can come from the strangest places...This is actually one of my older stories, written maybe a year or so ago... It is based on a long story or 'novel' of sorts that I have at least planned out and am kinda-sorta writing. There is, of course, a problem -- for the storyline shifted from Fantasy to Not-Fantasy at one point, and probably shouldn't be in here... This is why I'm only posting little pieces of it here and there, if that. Its just a short little thing, really, with the main character from that potential-long-story of mine. Not so much an excerpt as it is... well, a short little thing... a space filler, perhaps?


Laura Weber

Fish, crickets... yeah. Something like that.This is an excerpt of a much longer piece, and then it isn't... I have this awful habit of editing things and changing aspects of the plot partially through a story, and often times have to start over and write the whole thing again with my changes, before even finishing the first... only to repeat the process a while later. Naturally, parts of the story get lost or discarded, and this is one of those pieces. I decided to put it up here, thinking it would work fine standing on its own. Not really so much of a great adventure as it is a few moments in the life of one of my characters... Written about a year ago, more or less. Haven't touched it since then... makes me all melancholy and sniffly to have found it.


Holly Burpo

This was written for my creative writing class. We were supposed to take a post card of a place and use the letter on it to make a story in the time and place on the card. I chose a blank card with some mountains and chose Japan. The story's littered with cultural junk, but I think most of it's obvious. Or easily translatable.

Avoiding Death's Grasp Chapter One

Matty Roberts

Can you survive the war torn city life of Toyko or battle through the poverty of Sao Paulo in the year 2823. I have to do both!

Avoiding Death's Grasp Introduction

Matty Roberts

Can you survive the war torn city life of Toyko or battle through the poverty of Sao Paulo in the year 2823. I have to do both!

The Twilight: Selesandra

Justine T. Phillips

Wahhh... my titles suck. Oh wellsy, the story of a young female ninja. There is a great incident, and her faith in her goddess is broken. By law, and the code of the ninja, she must take revenge, whoever it may be. But along the way, she meets someone who will either bring about her destruction, or help her save whom she set out to destroy in the first place. A little romance, nice group humor, drama, and (hopefully), a story straight from the scroll of legends.