Leah Cerveny

Few people use magic, even less use it for good.

The Nekomata

Amandah Peting

A short story about a very special type of Japanese vampire.

Chiisai Kyoufu

Tina Walls

I joined a thread with this long post but I enjoy this character so it just happened to turn out long. This is meant to simply be a character exercise. Update: Edited March 25, 2001

The Princess Samurai

Sophia Cowan

A young battle maiden was taken in by a retired member of the Emperial Palace, who perfected her fighting technique, and also taught her how to be a princess! In a time of great strife in the Emperial Palace, has their princess truely returned to them? And will the one who seems to be most concerned about finding her prove trustworthy?

Shingo Number Three

Brady Barros Feltch

In this installment Shingo meets another character and the plot quickens (and thickens ^_^).

Holes (Reversed)

Nicolette Briggs

A reversal of a story I wrote when I was younger.Adel is a youth targeted and harrassed by an inexplicable, dangerous man, who eventually drives Adel and his family to the West coast. Aka is a powerful, ancient spirit who bafflingly works at a prestigious Inn in the Spirit World. Eventually, their lives will mesh in ways neither would come to expect.


Ben Lebar

This is the threatened replacement to Batwings and Faeriedust, and was inspired by a combination of role-playing and a misunderstanding during an OOC conversation. Lyran is copyright to his player, and is used here with express permission. Words are important. If we don't watch what we say, we could tear apart the very foundations of our relationships. This very nearly happens to Kai and Lyran thanks to a misunderstanding in a conversation over one of Lyran's friends.

Fantasy Haikus

Rebecca Dias

I had to write some haikus for school, so I made them fantasy.

Haiku Haiku!

Margaret Robinson

:D Yeah. *-* I like haiku's

Flies to Wanton Boys

Ross Thompson

    'Flies to Wanton Boys' is a longish kind of short story space opera, but with supernatural undertones. A couple of decades into the future, the Earth is suddenly bombarded by a huge shower of meteors that seem to originate from a vast radioactive cloud that has suddenly appeared in the Solar System. In order to investigate, the Japanese Space Agency craft Hirohito, equipped with the Yume drive- a device designed to safely accelerate the passage across space- proceeds to the area of Neptune, where the centre of the cloud is located. There, the Hirohito uncovers a floating graveyard of space-ships, of every possible shape or form, the remains of a vast space battle.      To the crew of the Hirohito, the graveyard promises the greatest scientific discovery of all time. However, to one crewman, Navigator Taro Nomura, the son of an undertaker, it is a vast mass of alien spirits, begging not to be disturbed in their final resting place. As the crew begin to explore the fallen war-machines, they find themselves suddenly possessed by the souls of a craft full of fallen telepaths, previously held in emergency storage in a vast crystaline latice within their ship. Only Nomura has the perception, and, indeed, the belief, to lead these lost alien spirits back to where they belong. Furthermore, the Hirohito is not the only craft attracted by this vast graveyard... 

The Disciple's Prayer

David Meredith

This was a contest entry (results pending) where the first line was provided and then the author was free to write whatever they wanted up to 800 words. I hope you like the results of my effort. (It should be noted that the Kitsuneinori Sutra is a proper noun and is therefore untranslateable. It refers to a specific ficticious formal chant.)

Angel Haikus (Japanese Poetry)

Magdalena Dreyer

They're poems.

Untitled 1

Stephanie Covington

Just a lil beginning of a tale I set in my fav world ..... it got forgotten about, and now I'm coming back to it. The start of her quest ..... I need a freakin title!

A Tale of Time, Youth, and Warfare

Terin Teehan

A planet of people pulled abruptly from their respective times must unite. Or: a modern youth, a Roman, a colonial American, a Soviet, a theologian, a Nazi, a scientist, and a Victorian girl discover the nature of warfare.

Star Tears ~ 1

Keri Selzler

This story I had to write for my LA class. Now, since I got a ton of comments from my friends and family, I though I put it up here!

Shingo Number 2

Brady Barros Feltch

This is the second installment of Shingo where we see more about his character.

Lady of the Waste

David Meredith

On a warm spring day a samurai Lord comes across a beautiful young women in dire need. Captivating as he finds, is she really everything that she seems? Is she more? And what is the black shadow that seems to shroud her heart with darkness of despair? I would rate this one PG-13 for fantasy violence and mild adult content. Some reader discretion is advised. There are a number of Japanese language terms used in the text, but I believe all to either be so widely recognized by the English speaking public that they need no explanation (i.e. kimono, katana, etc.) or are sufficiently explained within the body of the text. I invite and encourage all comments and hope you will check out my other work as well.

The Princess and the Tao

Charles Champion

This might work as a short story, but is intended as the first chapter of a novel. It is written from a hard science, realistic perspective yet it deals with Asian mysticism. It also deals with warfare in the 25th century. It is based on a very detailed attempt to create a realistic possible future scenario. It deals with issues that are likely to really come up in long-range interstellar colonization, especially in colonies that are too far out to have easy contact with any other star system for many years after they are established. It deals with the interaction of cultures from Earth in new situations in other star systems and their evolution over time.It is set in real places, even though they are many light years from Earth. Procyon and Coronis are real star systems and those are their real names. (Coronis is also known as Epsilon Tauri.) The Hyades Cluster is also real. It is a cluster of 300 - 400 stars in a roughly spherical shape about 65 light years across. It is the second closest star cluster to Earth and it is interesting in that all or nearly all the star systems in it are "high metallicity" which means they have an abundance of heavier elements needed by human colonists (not just hydrogen and helium) and are therefore good prospective colony sites.The core of the Hyades Cluster is about 150 light years away from Earth. That many good colony sites that close together (making interstellar trade easier and more efficient) and also that close to Earth is a prize not to be ignored. Someday, people will probably race to get there first, to stake their claims and try to control it. If they do, the first colony will be far from help and very isolated. If they have problems, they will be on their own. They may develop in their own way and have their own unique internal culture and politics. Then, inevitably, though the first colony in the Hyades may be far ahead of the mainstream of colonization efforts, eventually the rest of civilization will catch up. The isolation will end, but the power struggle for control of the Hyades will have just begun. This is part of the story of what that might look like.   

Escape from Altokvistas, Chapter 8: The Dance of Swords.

John Kang

I am getting back into fantasy writing after almost 20  years...  This is an exerpt from the second book of a trilogy. To put things in context:  It takes place in a world where several familiar human ethnic groups, elves, orcs, dwarves and other fantasy races share a continent the size of North America.  An "East Asian" princess has been sent to a neighboring "Baltic" satelitte of a "Roman" Empire to negotiate continued peace with the Empire's First Consul.  When her spies discover that he plans on taking her hostage, they plot her escape....

21st Century Ninja part 1

Gil Shimoni

A comletely ordinary person discovers his body holds the soul of the greater shadow-warrior that ever lived, and that he has much greater responsibilities and duties than he ever imagined...