Father of Seven Days

Crystal Tomaino

This is the prologue to the story I'm working on about the land of Tyrga.

Torn - Chapter 3

Nina Roussakova

This is chapter three. It's pretty much just another day...although a lot of things happen...again. Here you will get to know Shae Torin and Dyn better.

The Curse of Caerassa - Chapter 3

Vidya Enantia┬┤ Gopalakrishna

Here comes Chapter 3! One warning--I have a few problems with this chapter, so it's probably going to be rewritten by the time i write chapter 4, some stuff may get shuffled around. I'd particularly like comments and critiques about the first and the last scene - and anything else that gets your attention. Hope you enjoy!

On whom he falleth, Excerp I

R. Labade

Aack, I don't know what I was thinking when I wrote this, but I had to do it while I was still interested. I've always wanted to write this scene in my story, but it kind of gives a way the plot. It's about a girl, Myra, that gets kidnapped to another world to help an arrogant wealthy elf-lord, Isoldith...now I know this plot isn't very original to some, but that's not the least of it! Anyway,this is from Myra's point of view. Read on, and if there's any confusion, you can ask and I can always help clear it up =) Oh and Ullun Lim is just a magical race with wings and talons!



I wrote this a while back, decided to post it. ( Please, no horrible comments on this, I was like 10 when I wrote this.) I don't have a story name It's about a teenage girl, who meets a boy. However, this is no ordinary boy, and she is no ordinary girl...

The Last Dragon: Chapter 1

Beth Master' Lewis

This is the first chapter of a(hopefully) shortER story than my others, written for my arch-enemy, Megan L. 'The Angler' Proverbs, who was both my 50th main page commenter, and 100th site commenter. I'm not giving any hints about the story, but I'm pretty sure it's too rushed.... bah, how would I know? I wouldn't mind some opinions on that. Please.**Note**: A 'shuriken' is a throwing star... just for explanatory purposes. ^_~ Hope you enjoy!

Book I: The Gathering (ch. 1)

Jade Bailey

the first chapter of the first book of ravenspeed, set 16 years after the windstorm (which should be read first if you want to make any sense of this). this introduces one of the main characters, morgan (original name, eh? :P), and features some nasty icky bloody stuff. and a chap called matthew, being a bastard. i'm rather proud of some of the description in it, although i admit the dialogue might seem a bit stiff in places...

Dream Sequence; Chapter III

Queen Carpenter


The Spoken Word

M Swancett

This is a rough draft from a chapter in a much larger work titled: Arrista. A short story in its own.

The Isothamnion

Sophie Horton

stories about the temple at the centre of time...

Dream Sequence; Chapter I

Queen Carpenter

it's all about a girl whose young and naive. aren't they all? some guy comes along (they always do) and screws this up for her. she's a gwerrier (a guardian of the kingdom). he's a vagabond from a line of sorcerers he'd like to end. just your typical stuff. love triangles. suffering.

Dream Sequence; Chapter II

Queen Carpenter



Mina Jirecek

a bonding spell before a marriage goes terrbly wrong.


Valerie Higgins

A husband is jealous of his wife's pet

Dream Reality

Elizabeth Cordes

Couldn't come up with a better title for this one...It's pretty short, and didn't come out the way I had wanted.

The Elven Lovers (Poem)

Tina Andersen

It's a love poem... sorta. A bit sick, maybe, but hey! At least it rhymes!


E. Mendoza

A jealous elf woman can do many things to get her way..

Lilly's Story- Chapter 5

Mellissa Sweeney

Read on, my friends....read on... ^_^

Dark Youth, the first half

John Surtees

This is the story based on my first true RP character in his youth. I did what I usually don't do, which is write the story from a characters perspective. Its primarily focoused around emotion, in particular jealousy. I also paid a lot of attention to character interaction, I did my best to make it gritty with a fair bit of friction. But what will happens next? I will upload the last few chapters once i've written them :)

The Fate of Elloran: Chapter 12

Beibei Du

Jealousy and hatred stews.