The Rookery

Risiart Lloyd

Was feeling moody, so wrote. Have to say, I like it.

Run Rusty Run.

Lynn Taylor

Rusty is the son of Mandear Netman and Freason { Aurora}. He is a blue Deeder boy. This is a story that spans time and is about the relationship of Rusty to Bonder and there relationship to Lanet. Lanet is Bonders little sister and they call her a nusance. Is she really in the end you have to read to find out. I had this one uploaded a while back but due to me being depressed I desimated my stories on here and other sites. So do forgive me.Dedders are blue fuzzy cat people. Naugan's like Naelo and Drazid are Naugans. Other species make appearance here to they are all of my own original characters and species. Please don't use unless I say you can.

Elven Fair

Christy Kassler

An elven princess falls in love with a handsome human

Misty (Working Title)

Abigael Casey

The product of utter bordeom, and too much time surfing Elfwood ^_^ I have a habit of writing random passages when I'm bored, using ideas that jsut pop into my head. I'm keen to continue this passage, and form a story, tho I'm stuck for ideas at the moment! I'm hopign that soem of you creative and imaginative ppl out there in elfwood land will be able to act as a muse and suggest a possible outcome! hehehe! Enjoy!