Return of the Raven Chapter One (A Tavern Wench)

Ariel Lewis

In this first chapter we meet Siendre Kinechi a farm-girl of seemingly simple roots, who is dreading a new job working with her friend as a waitress in a tavern.

Teloria pt.2

David Kenney

Introducing Ehioce to the storyline, not finished, I'll update it soon.

And There They Shall Remain

Stuart Ferguson

A nephilim who survived Noah's flood thinks about the events of the Old Testament as he crosses a bridge

Career Day

E. Hanna

Anyone ever ask you what you're going to be when you grow up? Anyone who claims to know is lying.

Montilin VI - Sins for Sins

Nicolas Godbout

FINALLY, the sixth chapter is complete. Holy crap! it's Payne's first job! woooooooo! the dark elf rule applies here as well as it did in the last chapter. *UPDATE* I fixed a continuity problem. (At the beginning of the story, it said the man met his mistress at the Ancient Embers Inn, then later, the inn was called The Green Lake.)

Elevator Angel

Nicolei Arnold

(The song from the story is the theme song to 'The Partridge Family') A small business building stood in the smoggy city. It was going to be a big business, yet it still needed work. A young man walks through the double doors with his briefcase, whistling and humming to himself. Inside, he walks over to the elevator and glances at his watch patiently.

Of fins and Flight (part 2)

Heather Nicholson

Okay, so here's my second part! Very exciting, i kno. I am happier with it than I was originally (one of the reasons why it took so long to post...@_@) anyways, enjoy!

Grown Up

Erika Swanson

The first story that I wrote for my Creative Writing class. What would the world be like if you had to choose your future profession at a very early age?

Jordons History

James the Wolf

Tells a bit about Jordon Nino. He soon will have an update to his history.

Wanton Dreamer

Grant Genther

I got the Idea for this while reading one of my books that has nothing to do with anything in this story. Funny how that happens every now and again.

Thicker Than Water


This is the beginning of a dramatic story that I am writing called Thicker Than Water. The beginning is always the hardest part for me to grab peoples attention with.

Sci Fi story

Michael Volpini

Just a little story, still a work in progress, hope ya all enjoy. Oh, and i could use title suggestions, if it's not to much trouble... ;)

More than a Job

Christian Steiner

Just a background story to some of my characters from my big story. Hope at least some of you find it interesting.

I think I need a raise

Sara Egger

what happens when you have nothing to do one evening