NightFire ~Prologue

Alyssa Green

Cal Jacobs has been a vampire for nearly two centuries. Traveling abroad in Europe, he decides on a whim to visit the remnants of his old town. To his surprise, much of it still remains as it once was... Buried beneath the roots of an old, yet familiar oak tree, Cal unearths a box he buried years ago. Within it lies his journal. Somehow it has survived time to tell the story he has tried so hard to forget. Disturbed and moved by his own words, Cal writes down the events, accompanied by excerpts from the journal, that led to his immortality. FootNote: Sorry this prologue is so short guys. I'll try to get the first chapter up soon!

looking back

Deanna Scott

Most drow would tell you that love is weakness. If that is so, it is without doubt mine. But I will not change, and only for tonight will I look back at what is lost...

The Unfinished Swordling Journal

Jenna Anderson

I dug through some old stuff I'd written and found this... And after I looked over it I decided to post it up here. Enjoy, and if there are any typoes, please tell me.

Sharay's Journal 1

Laura Badaracco

This is an introduction to Sharay's thoughts. My other short stories have been completely narrated. I wanted to show how she thinks and responds to events. This is mostly an introduction to her journal, as subsequent entries will skip back to her earlier days.

Honey's Journal

Kortnee Bryant

This is a journal entry from the bard in Tone Deaf. It reads like a mythology text and it's supposed to.


Rob Miller

A story I had to write for Creative Writing. Its written in first person, like journal entries of the main character.

Ceddhwyan's Journal (pg 6)

Lisa Sanders

The 6th 'chapter' or page of Ceddhyan's story. This part contains a few, mildly gruesome details. Faint of heart, beware!

Meridian Journal - Entry 02

Emily Graham

This story is to challenge myself to write in ways I detest and to break my writer’s block. This journal can also be found on livejournal:

Wolfstone's Journal - The Lost Inn

Timothy Pontious

Wolfstone made an unexpected detour one rainy evening. I don't think he wants to return.

Last Entry

C. Thompson

Last entry in someone's journal, reflecting on what led him to be where he is. Its pretty self-explanitory

From the Desk of Dr. Adon

Sarah Crouch

A journal entry written by Dr. Joseph Adon, a character from NeoGenos.

Ceddhwyan's Journal (pg 2)

Lisa Sanders

The continuation of Ceddhwyan's journal. A new year, a new triumph, a new failure, and a promise of a new life.

Ceddhwyan's Journal (Conclusion)

Lisa Sanders

This concludes Cedd's journal, but readers, do beware, this story ends in tragedy. Also, there are a few unpleasant details here, as there was in page 6 of the journal.

Miserys Company 01

Keya Paul

Next chapter in Misery's Company. I haven't read over it in a year, so sry if it's weird. Please point out anything that might need working on and be as brash as you want as long as you're helpful.

Alli's Journal: October 11, 2001

Allison Bridendall

The journal of a fictitious girl looking back on the events of September 11, 2001.

Long Since Forgotten (Entries 01-02)

Dave Bekker

A journal kept by a slave by the name of Drakken Blackblade who is forced to fight in the arena against blood thirsty savages.

Journal Of Lord Dagon Feargorn Part 1

Zachary Zwart

These are the progressively darker thoughts of my character Lord Feargorn, who because of certain circumstances eventually becomes The Dark Lord Fear.

Exordium to the Past pt3

Phil Frederick

Evensong's journal entry...

Memories of Magic: Part VI Memories of Rememberance

Diana Moon' Schmuckal

Last part before the epilogue! I like this ending better than the epilogues, but the epilogue just finishes everything up. Sorry if this part seems like just one big information dump! I tried to be creative with giving out all this information. Tell me how it is, if I need anything more, if something doesn’t make sense. Feel free to review! Thank you so much for reading!

Memories of Magic: Epilogue Memories of Another

Diana Moon' Schmuckal

: Epilogue! It’s the end! For some reason, I really didn’t want to write in Johnny’s pov anymore, so I went creative and used Imperfection’s! If I ever create a sequel….which I probably won’t…it would be written from her view. But, even so, I am not really sure whether I like her or not…tell me what you think? And the ending seems completely random to me, but I wrote it like 32396803 times and this was the best I could come up with. Please review and thank you so much for reading! I enjoy writing such a short story ^_^