Yes of Course

Chris Poole

Two bookkeepers find themselves on an adventure that takes them closer than they expected.

Raiven's Luck

Crystal Meth

Raiven thinks she has the worst luck ever. This story begins with the 'finding of a dragon' ceremony in which she has no desire to be a part of at first. this story sets the pace for the next ones i will throw out. (if you like it)

Tempus Fugit

Risiart Lloyd

This one's a poem about the Lord that governs us all, Master Time. Flying through our unhappiness and ceasing our joy, what a git.


Nina Marshall A.K.A Confused One

a poem about the changing of the seasons. I wrote it in the eighth grade, and my friend handed it into a teacher, because she forgot an assignment. The teacher, who hated me, knew I'd written it, and told my friend that it was the worst poem she'd ever written, and that it made no sense. Please leave comments on whether it makes sense or not! PLease!!!

To Sweet Dreamers (poem)


I've always been fascinated by the fabric of the evening sky and all the astral bodies that guard us when we sleep. Thus inspired, I wrote this poem in 1996. Looking at it now, I can say I don't really like this one very much. It's just too 'sweet' I suppose. Until I come up with a better one, I'll leave it here for everyone to read.

Mystic Bird

Malis Vitterfolk

I have always loved the legened of the firebird or phoenix and what it can represent.

Magic of Night

Elisabeth Jones

The first verse actually happened at a rehersal for the Joseph choir. I was right on the end, saw the leaves, felt the breeze... You must have felt that zingy excitement when you feel like running and jumping with the wind into the darkness. That is pure magic. The magic of night.

Ian's Fate

Nikos Mouchtaris

A young bard finds it hard to continue sing for life, joy and happiness when even he does not possess those two in his life.

The Harp

Kat Clements

A desperate young man searches for the only one with the power to save his people...

A Whale's plight

Lee-Ann Tee

A whales struggle in life, I guess would be what you would call it. Wrote this one in grade 7, not too fond of it...but its the first real poem I've ever written that doesn't rhyme.

The Wizard's Firework

Holly Johnson

This poem is about a mage's firework, and the delight that he and the children watching find in it.

Unravel Me

Ashli Black

I wrote this the other night when I was in a very happy/wierd mood. All of my poetry is about things that I feel and experience, I'll let you guess what this is about. And yes, I know that it needs major revision, I just wanted to get something new up! I encourage feedback! One point to reading this, though- This is not meant to be a depressing poem! Smile while you read it, sing and laugh and shout it! Life is a gift and a joy for anyone actually living it, always remember that!

3 Another Day Of Life

Jose Cruzpagan III

This is the third chapter to my short story. It introduces 2 new supporting characters. Theres not any thing especially exciting that occures but it does have some humor to it, and it does help in delivering much more character to the Azale Ballard. Enjoy ^_^

The Shallows (poem)

Danyella Edwards

A poem to go along with the story...

Fairy Joy

Mona Germain

It was a sunny day.  What can I say?  The fairies talk to me!

Angel of Joy

Julia Rill

Joy is a lifely, happy character. She is enjoying life in all its facettes and celebrating every new day. This one is a type called Kyrielle. It was fun to write! And I think it fits to Joy's character perfectly!

Festival Calamities

Shuo Chen

This one has been some people's favorite and others' least favorite, because its style is different from my usual style. So yeah, it's an interesting one. Enjoy?

Song of War (song)

D. Hendrikson

When the dragons march for war, they chant various rhymes in their own languages. This is one of them, and not a very good one (I’m not the best translator of the draconic languages!) any suggestions would be very welcome!

Face of Ivy

Dave McGrogan

This is probably better left unexplained.

Structures of Mind and Body Epilogue

Edmund Schulfer

Magus is once again in his most common form. Just another day in his life...