3. The Legend

Twyla McKee

The legend of how a rift began between two nations, and how it caused one of the nations to be completely forgotten.... ~A Story from the Land of Fairrin~ Someone asked to hear the Auranian version of this story. Well, I have updated The Legend. It now has all 3 versions of how the rift between the 3 kingdoms began.

Judgement Day

Rachel Karp

This one was inspired by a dream. Don't ask. I have odd dreams. I like it, so why don't you comment and tell me what you like/hate about it, so I can change it? Thanks.


Erin Ford

This is a poem written a couple of years ago with my best friend.....its kinda freaky, but it needed a home hear at Elfwood, so I put it up

Wishing Well

M. Dahlgren

Be careful what you wish for: because if it will bring you misery, the universe will choose that one to grant. Ahem, a wee pesimistic I suppose. Friends don't let friends make crazy wishes in the proximity of wishing wells. Here's what happens when you wish to live forever.

Those Houses

Tracey Hoard

this is just a little story i conjured up... ummm... okay... if you want it to be more 'fantastical' make the punk an elf, the hippie a fae, and mexican guy a cute little troll dude. =)~

The Progeny of Gods: Chapter 5

Aaron Miner

Kares is a very historic city, the hub of thousands of years of history, and the heart of Orthodox Deiam for many of those years. Many sources, including the staunch atheist Karl Wyrdman, hail it as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. However, even a rose has thorns, and none are more aware of this than Father Miachellan. A doctor, priest and scholar at the Arsudei Heshin, he is among the few struggling to fulfil the medical needs of the hundreds of sick and dying turned out by the recent strike at Eden, Inc. However, he soon learns that the cities troubles are more widespread, and, indeed, closer to home than he had imagined.

Rebirth Chapter Two - Judgement

Nicholas Ramsden

Edward and Kate face judgement in front of the Pearly Gates. How will an athiest cope with the Christian afterlife?

Tale of Sia, Part One, Judgement

Yelena Koval

same as the other part of this story, it is all work under construction, and here in bits and pieces.

Judgement Day

Emily Morgan

Part two in the 'Earth, sea, and Air Trilogy'. I was in a transition stage... Help, please.

Silence The Summer Nights - Chapter 2

Emily Hammond

A bit of a misunderstanding


Adrienne Romani

This is the beginning of a story that I started a while back. It's a piece I'm going to try exploring further, since it's my first foray into fantasy. Not completely sure what it's about.

Rebirth Chapter One - Death

Nicholas Ramsden

Two children are killed in a tragic car accident. What happens next, once your life is over?

Divided in Heart

Monique Morgan

A little ditty I wrote out one night when I should have been sleeping. Stupid insomnia. Anyway... this turned out to be more prophetic than I thought it could be. It's kind of a predecessor to a series I'm thinking of doing. Whee. It's not specifically anything, but it DOES involve alternate dimensions.

It was my job; I had to deal with it.

Erin Coats

This was inspired by my horrible days at work. =b I'm sure some of you can relate.

In the hands of fate

Emma Taylor

i started this, but i didnt do a lot. im not sure whether to go back and explain it all, or let you find out as you go along. i want to know if you can understand what im talking about before i continue so...


Christopher Keefer

This was actually a part of my soon to be published novel (or so I hope). I removed it after deciding to change the character, and so now you lucky Elfwooders get to read this excerpt for free! Enjoy.

Tears of Blood

Lauren Hanson

My inspiration: and online 'What kind of angel are you?' quiz. Yes, you heard correctly. I'm a quiz taker.

Fallen Angel

rebecca Gribble

A Peom about an angel that stands before a judgement of murder. All comments welcome! Thanks!

Silence The Summer Nights - Chapter 1

Emily Hammond

I'm actually thinking of changing the title to fit the story. But anywho, this is a story about a young girl named Corrin with a secret from the past that has changed her life forever.