God of Blood

Robert Headley

This isnt finished yet... tell me what you think please.

'Memory Whisper: A 'Sanguine' Story'

Amanda Braton

Had to do an assignment for Creative Writing class, so I chose to write about Flynn, the apprentice healer. Will be different in the actual story, and there you will already know that love is taboo...

Chapter 1: Beginning the End


Ok, here is the beginning of my story, my book, which has no name (help welcomed) any ideas? Anyway, its about bag guys who are trying to take over the world, and good guys who stop them...or do they? You'll see, critisism and comments welcomed, helpful hints and corrections are too...so please, feel free to comment and help me...I'm only a beginnger.

Transportation for Life -- 1

Toni Kaukinen

This story is a take on how an uptight society might get rid of its unwanteds and enforce a draconian code... but more than that, it's a story about how these unwanteds might survive in a world that hates magic and where everything is vibrant, hostile and much larger than one is used to. Nika Wylie, coward extraordinaire, finds herself with a bunch of newcomers to deal with. Being convicted of certain crimes herself, she takes it all out on the poor fools that managed to get taken to this existence. Up until, of course, this batch...

A Trip to Three Countries in a Week

Madison VanDenBerghe

Heh heh. A quick warning to those who may be about to read this: I wrote this in the fifth grade for a school assignment. Now, you may be wondering, why on earth would I upload it to Elfwood? Because, say I, the Wyvern rules require a minimum of two stories to create a Library. So you unfortunate people have to suffer through my terrible sci-fi story of adventure, excitement, betrayal, and tango dancing. Please be nice about it! I wrote this when I was ten and I have changed NOTHING from its original form- not spelling, sentence structure (or lack thereof), or any other part of the story. *runs away and hides from incoming barrage of mean-ness from un- understanding commentors*

An Old Woman's Photograph

Jamie Creature' Isfeld

A cat and mouse game between a woman and her prey turns to the worse for her, and she has no idea what this foe will bring. It's a western feel set in a jungle. Just felt like doing it, and exploring the major turning point in a person's life while doing so. Not the greatest story, but not bad, either. As usual, please leave one piece of constructive criticism with any comments you may have.

The Jungle Foray of Nelretch Balfridian

Michael McCloskey

A terrible end awaits Nelretch in the jungles of Quadnar V.

From Wingless to Soaring Chapter 4

Emma Moel

Okay, so Amrit's going after him. But, obviously, Xiang has to be alive for her to be able to rescue him... Is he? Read on!

Warriors Born

Sabrina G Withers

(CS)I wanted a story you could almost touch. Well how'd I do? *New edit with Paragraphs for those that asked so nicely ;)

A Birthday Story

Danielle Agar

This is a story I wrote for my best friend's birthday. I had intended it to be part of an ongoing saga, but as with all good intentions... I think there's a Christmas chapter around somehwere. I wonder where that went...

Just Like Old Times (Extract)

Carey Williams

A futuristic fantasy world, consisting of dwarves, orcs, goblins, humans and guns, lots and lots of guns. The two greenskin races are our focus here, as is humour. Join squad Jicup (easily the dumbest even by orc standards) as they begin their journey along a path, not even an Orc can tread upon lightly. *Note this is an extract of a 5k short story, after this introduction the language can get pretty explicit, as can some references. I'm not going to lie it's a dirty humour based story aimed at young adults and due to elfwood's rules (which I respect) I can not upload it here, if you wish to read the full story feel free to contact me and I can email it you or similar ;)The jungle of Vereswell and squad Jicup everyone! :)

The Lost Temple

Tom Davis

I got some of the names and the inspirations from Starcraft - a game I played years ago and recently just started playing again. This is also my coursework for my GCSE English P+I story coursework, so I am hoping for a reasonable grade for my efforts. Enjoy reading.

Kulonga the Hunter

Vincent Darlage

This is the tale of a warrior on the hunt for the killer of his tribe.

Rune Raiders

Calvin Main

This is a story I started about three years ago. I have never finished it, but definately plan to...sometime. It is about a race of people who have learned to use 'runes' from nature to help them survive.

From Wingless to Soaring Chapter 6

Emma Moel

I know, I know, ridiculously short, but exciting nonetheless!

Blue Warrior's Crest

Tony Chan~ Wang

Katriel believed himself to be a nobody, until he finds love and hope during a quest of the most amazing proportions.

Description of Gondwana

Jacques Arieri

This "travel literature" is intended to be a book-within-... well, not -within-a-book, but a book-within-fiction; it is intended to provide the flair for the setting of an RPG, provided in an in-universe manner, be it a tabletop, or an RMK game.

Last Kre-tal

Chrissy Myers

More Short Book Than True Short Story. Can A Race Of Cat-morphing Jungle People Save Their Princess From The Invading Romans While Trying To Stay Alive Themselves?

Dragon Range: Part One

Kelly Hunt

This is the first part of a story which is now called Dragon Range for lack of other titles. It's really the intro to the proper story, but necessary all the same.

Ourobouros: Tellurian Dissonance Chapter Three

Matthew Kasen