To Wear The Shrouds: 1-1

Julie Becker

The begginings of a young girl who will met out Justice according to the rules of her bloodline, Justice in blood and pain. ((This story is still rough in my opinion so bear with me))

The World Beyond: Part 2

David Courtright

The Jury is in, examine the World Beyond and learn of new places and concepts.

Changing Alistair

Eric Hopkins

A man tries to convince his son to slay the dragon who healed them.

The Diary of Jonas Kelly: Chapter One

Patrick Mulvany

Jonas Kelly is a kid who has nothing to lose, or so he thinks, and almost loses all when a gang of interstellar mercenaries come out of the stars and take him on a whirlwind firestorm series of adventures. But the Galaxy is a dangerous and Treacherous place... It is here, that the saga takes root.

They Cried Witch

Heather Nicholson

There was a picture I stumbled across once, never to find again with the same title as this. The phrase/title just kept running through my head until I just had to write...SOMETHING!

Chosen 7b

Andrew Casey

Second half of chapter 7

The Builder and the King

Anna Cierocki

I was experimenting with characterization and speech and this was the result. I couldn't decide if the character was guilty or not, and I think that comes through in the writing.

Into the Depths of Hell, My Cat Led Me (updated: 02/21/02)

Karen Baker

Back in high school, we read Dante's Inferno. And then wrote our own Hell Paper. Hehehehe.

Actions and Consquences

Justin 'Merlion Emrys' Williams

This story was based partly off the Nickelback song 'Never Again', and partly from a desire to use the character Orin who's been knocking around my head for a while.

Black Cat

Mary Bailey

The glory of the hunt.

To Save a Friend

ME Burnham

What would you do to save your closest friend? What if there was only one way to save said friend? Could you do it? What would you do after you saved him or her? Note: This piece is not like my typical work *translation* it's angsty without a happy ending

This Place

Nicolei Arnold

Innocence is not justice, and the price of assumption can sometimes cost more than you know.

The Hunter

Christina Stayton

A story that came from an idea I'd had during a math class. It's the first short story I've been able to write and finish in a very long time.

natural selection (to Twyiana Garland)


my friend would say someone was in the street when they said or did something stupid; they got hit when said morons got their comeuppance. i wrote this poem after hearing of an old guy and granddaughter getting hit by a tractor he was using. >.<

Chosen 7

Andrew Casey

After Varagen's defeat the remants of the Gallant expedition attempt to find their place in the new land.

To Wear The Shrouds: 1-5

Julie Becker

The begginings of a young girl who will met out Justice according to the rules of her bloodline, Justice in blood and pain. ((This story is still rough in my opinion so bear with me))

The Progeny of Gods: Chapter 5

Aaron Miner

Kares is a very historic city, the hub of thousands of years of history, and the heart of Orthodox Deiam for many of those years. Many sources, including the staunch atheist Karl Wyrdman, hail it as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. However, even a rose has thorns, and none are more aware of this than Father Miachellan. A doctor, priest and scholar at the Arsudei Heshin, he is among the few struggling to fulfil the medical needs of the hundreds of sick and dying turned out by the recent strike at Eden, Inc. However, he soon learns that the cities troubles are more widespread, and, indeed, closer to home than he had imagined.

Golden Blood

Brian Cook

Poems have been something I have been experimenting with recently. I like to create my own formats and write them out. This one has no real rhyme scheme, but I have quite a few that do. 'Golden Blood' just made the first cut.

Foreign Gods

Jessica Warner seems to be standard, in fantasy, to have a pantheon of gods (or a trio of goddesses), to add a bit of colour. Everyone believes in them, because you'll probably find one of them wandering around in chapter ten so there's no point doubting them, but it doesn't have much effect on the characters. Except priests, who get nifty spells. Which mages can do just as well. Whereas in sci-fi, it's always one god, and it's always 'god dammit!'. And that's about it. (This is standard, there are exceptions of course). Why is this? Why should this be the case? And what would a fantasy lass think of the sci-fi approach to religion? This is my entry for the Bifrost 'Science Fiction' project. This won 'Best Sci-Fi Short Story' in the (unofficial) Elfwood Awards 2005! If you voted for me, I love you!!

Seeking Vengeance

Katherine Burt

Sometimes we think we want something until we get it... 1/5/04- Reposted and corrected. Any better?