Draons Battle: Part II

Christopher Wolford

Part II for the story about Ryu, Ryial, and the war against the evils of Alfred. This part focuses more on friendships and connections between main characters, as well as feelings close to the heart. Update: More ready was an understatement. This past ticket basically stopped, and I finished Part 2 and Part 3 during that time. Enjoy.

The Sacred Part One

Kate Pirate' Riley

This is the First part of my Guardian angel/part samurai story. The main character at present is a shadow demon/guardian angel. I don't exactly know where this is going yet (still) and unfortunately deleted the previous one and all of it's comments last time accidently. Annoyingly. Well comments welcome, criticism too. Enjoy

A Hint of Jasmine

Jacob Wenzel

This is the first chapter of a larger story based in the city of Jek, following an aray of characters and their own stories and problems while a much larger problem that will effect all of the denizens of the city simmers underneath.

Live by the sword - die by the sword

richard laws

Live by the sword, die by the sword - an adage still applicable today. This story picks up at the end of a chain on events, as the hero prepares to commit ritual suiside helped by his father-in-law and overseen by the ghost of his dead wife.

Mrilla Blossoms

Joseph Wartick

A Samurai's most sacred item is a blossom from the beautiful Mrilla Tree.

Red Roses; chapter 3

monique Hout

chapter 3, so what to do now? alone out in the street and no sign of this vampire

The Wind Follows Him

Mathais A'Court

This is a Sci-Fi story I came up with. The main character, I realized while I was writing it kinda reminds me of Sepiroth, the guy from Final Fantasy VII. I assure you, it's purely coincidental. Anyway, This is one of my better stories I think.

Children of Oberon pt 11

Segun Williams

We meet the Cyren, Puck's deadly defenders, and the Children of Oberon get ever closer to their goal

Death by Jasmine Chapter 1: The Infirmary

Henry Bender

 part 2 of my new story. Jasmine wakes up in an infirmary and runs into an old friend...


Christopher Owen

A short story of a falling out between friends

Warrior (Parts I, II, & III)

Andrew Rice

A short story about a true warrior's involvement in a revolution of cowards, a revolution aimed at the destruction of such morals and lifestyles as true warriors lead. Definitions: kai-rek - A style of the katana taught only in the northern mountains. It is a style that holds magic within its mystical moves. There are very few masters of this style.


Andrew Euston

This is the tale of a ninja warrior named Takeo. It takes place during the battles that took place in Japan during the 1600's when Oda Nobunaga attempted to crush the Iga and Koga Ninja for their defiance of his total rule.

Angel Cross - Answers

Lisa Karsai

Chapter four of the onslaught! Time to try and answer a few of your nagging questions I think... A bit of a shorter chapter this time, I hope to fatten it out at some later date.. Tell me it answer's at least a few questions... please?

Maelstrom Saga: Book I, Chapter I

James Woodall

A world split in two by an unknown power. A man born of uncertain parents with magical powers. A demon sleeping in the shadows. Welcome to Serzanch.

Can't Catch a Shadow: Chapter 1

Autumn Rose

It's been a hundred years since the Elves resurfaced and enslaved the Human Race, and now their only hope for freedom rests on the shoulders of The Masters - a group of seven humans with elemental magic.

CCAS: Chapter 5

Autumn Rose

Draons Battle: Part 1

Christopher Wolford

This is the first of three parts in the first 'Book'. We're introduced to the basic story and most of the characters. Enjoy. Update: I've replaced the Arion character with a different one. Following a pre-designed character that isn't fully formed is hard =\ Update 2: Changed that same character again, this time to a human female named Ryial.

Draon's Revenge - Chapter 11

Christopher Wolford

An short 'clip' from Chapter 11 of Draon's Revenge, where Ryu is first 'introduced' to Alecyia, a human priest, and has a dream...

A Warrior's Destiny(P1)

Daniel Lix

He'd always thought he'd known who he was. Back home, Daniel Ranevier had thought that he'd found his niche. But now, cast away here in this strange realm, he seeks to finally find a destiny for himself.

The Archdragon (opening 1)

Natalia Evertsz

As part of some exercises I set for myself I rewrote the opening for one story focusing on a specific element. This is one of the variants. It is supposed to focus on 'an object important to the plot'. Hope you like!