Approaching the Keep and Welcome to Wolfsinger Keep

Debbie Palmer

A short narrative about a visitor arriving at Joiya's adult home.

A Bard's Secret-Chap. 8

Lisa Harbin

Owen and Gray return to his old home, the City of Gem, and to the home of Dragon's Keep.

False Heir: Prologue

Katie Hallahan

The prolouge of a new story called 'False Heir', about a girl named Scira and the past she never knew she had. (Thanks to Babie Anna for pointing that I spelled 'prologue' wrong!)


Kelsi Dick

A myth we had to write for English class. I would really like it, except I think there's a large piece missing out of the middle. Maybe someday I'll get around to writing it.

The Storm

K. Johnson

This is the second of my narratives for English(sophomore year). This one is supposed to show a character's rite of passage. The story itself is only remotely fantasy, but it takes place in a definitely fantasy setting. Again, I'm only half sure I did the HTML right...

Asmara's Bane - Chap. 10

Anna Ångel oƒ †he Ab¥ss ) Zorawski

Untitled Chapter Five

Jen Robbins

This is chapter five. I hope you guys are enjoying it.

Untitled Chapter Six

Jen Robbins

Alissandra's battle against the invasion continues. She has made to her destination only to be thwarted by the monarchy. The centaurs are close behind. What will become of Alissandra's plight in this the sixth chapter of the story.


Christine Clarke

This is the last part of the poem outlining Hrolthin's story. He is successful, but he learns that victory can be at the expense of losing something dear to you. After understanding this, he finally learns who he is and what he stands for.

Chapter 5: Traveler's Tales

Stephen Watkins, Jr.

Tarna has been captured by his barbarian enemies, and has no means of escaping their dungeon. Traveler's tales have come life before him, and now offer him a hope and means of escaping... but what of the fearsome creature, the Gorgorax, and what of his father's sword?


Christine Clarke

This is the second part of the poem about Hrolthin (it follows 'Journey'). You now find out that Hrolthin is the 'Chosen One' and is destined to save the Finns... And yes, I WAS running short on Old Anglo-Saxon names, so I DID get Njörl from 'Njörl's Saga' in that one Monty Python episode. It just seemed like a perfectly stereotypical Anglo-Saxon name.

Darkness Descends

Abraham Markley

this is the beginning of a story being developed in my brain... there are dragons in it. and there will be war, lots of war. heroes are going to rise and fall and some may even die a little...

Halls of Fate: Chapter 8

C. Raynor

Radaren and Jeruki have to scheme to keep the peace.

Tintauri's Squire (Part I)

A.R. George

This is the story of Tal, a youth submitted as the hostage of a noble family to the cold court of the Queen and her infamous winterknights ... a place where only the very strong or the very cruel survive. Essentially a sequel to 'The Queen's Man' - if you plan on reading that, better click Here and go there first, because this contains spoilers! This is one of the only things I wrote this year, sometime back in (Northern Hemisphere ;P) summer. I'm still really pleased with the way it turned out, not to mention the speed - both rather unusual circumstances for me. As ever, all comments and criticisms gladly received ... Considering she prompted not only this story but the whole preceding concept itself, and considering that both the illustrations were drawn by her as well, this is definitely going to have to be dedicated to the mighty Cecily Webster as well (images are posted with her permission, incidentally).

Auto-Pilot(song lyrics)

Zachary Lome

Umm... yeah... thanks to Mernstie, for helping me, n'stuph. It's weird. ^_^

An Excerpt from A History of Elves

Liane Moyer

This is a piece of a long story that spans at least several thousand years that I have slowly started to write. Enallie is one of the main focuses of the story, being she is a most remarkable Oracle. Belegcus are canines that she has created, and that have some amazing abilities, more than Enallie even realizes yet.

Fighting your Fate

S. Malmberg

This is the first story I have written in Metamor Keep setting, and I am very proud of it. Ulw is a rat-catcher, sent to deliver a message to Duke Thomas Hassan of Metamor Keep by a landlord who wanted to get rid of him. And no, Thomas didn't intend on keeping Ulw there, it was the message's fault, all of it. Estrella was, before her arrival to Metamor Keep, a member of some band that made a living out of ambushing merchants. I don't know, I haven't worked on her past too much...

The Watcher

Christopher Keefer

Well...this was written when, for the first time, I could think of nothing to write. However, I had one idea that I had thought of a long time ago, but never written out, and after reading a bit of the bible (my favourite source for inspiration...especially KJV, olde english really helps spark the old neurons back to life) I remembered it and...wrote it. Enjoy.

Second-Story Man

Brett Green

I was given four weeks and the instructions, 'Write a story with a conflict and a solution. It must be finished.' So, I wrote this story about a thief and his little adventure.

A Session In The Towerkeep

Heather Passow

A rather disturbing and gruesome insight into the mind of a particularly favorite one of my creations to write about.