Kelsi Dick

A myth we had to write for English class. I would really like it, except I think there's a large piece missing out of the middle. Maybe someday I'll get around to writing it.

The Dragon Keeper- Chapter 5

Teresa Galus

Some info about the previous Dragon Keeper here

O'er Fires of Hell

Christina Stoppa

Well, these are the verses that will be appearing in the prologue to the second book in my series. That book is still a long way off, but I feel like posting the poem right now. So, enjoy!

Song of Fornever Pt1: Prologue

Jesse Whisper' Cloutier

The tale of a vampyre who being so consumed by his lust for blood is afraid of entering an eternity where he will not be able to drink his fill and will be forced to live in the shadow of his addiction... he takes some very desperate action. you'll have to read to discover anymore than that! tell me what you think.

Wisdom of the Sage

Paula Lenon

 Wise words this one speaks. He knows exactly what you seek. Will you listen to all he has to say? Will you stop and with wisdom stay?

Quiet Sleeper and the Nightmare Keeper

Tiara Gonzales

This poem is part of a group of poems I wrote about the Dream Keeper.

bree chapter 1

Alex Krstic

this is the frst story i have written...this is also the first chapter, so let me know what u think!

bree,chapter 2

Alex Krstic

this is the first story i have written. let me know what u think!!

Mind Reader

Laura Lange

Just a thought ... what if you could read the thoughts of others?

Tempus Redux

Christopher Keefer

To tell you the truth, I don't really like this story. I wrote it for a contest which required the story be 600 words or less, so I had to pare away all the extrenous parts of the story...the parts that give the story flavour, if you ask me. Ah well, here it is anyways...

Angel In The Dirt - Chapter 1

Sharon Lee

Well here is a second story for you to read. It's not very long and I know that I shouldn't handle 2 stories at once, but I can manage. I hope you enjoy it!

The Keeper

Samantha Turner

The Keeper was their God. He knew everything, it was that simple. The people of his village were ignorant; unable to learn. However, Khera, a gifted one, thought began to question the truth.

Weight of the Wardkeeper

Emma Kathryn

Daft tale I wrote for an anthology I didn't get into.  But ah well, means you fine people can enjoy it!  Was a tricky one to write, don't know why but it took me a while to do.

Keeper Of-Mistakes


one more to go, ninth in a line of poems called "the keepers"

Consequence of Unbelief

Rachel Lamine

An Arrogant Stranger rides into town wondering about the tales of a giant tentacled monster. An Old Man is the only one who can show him the truth.

Keeper Of-Truths


almost there, eighth in "the keepers" poetry series.

An Unwitting Hero: Prologue

Salunoki Sokolof

 Set in a world where there is an apocalypse ever 100 years. The main character is appointed by the gods to the position of Keeper of Knowledge, meaning that he is the only one that knows the full history of the world. It is his duty to guide the world in the right direction for the next 100 years, until the gods decide that it is once again time to cause an apocalypse. However, the main character doesn't want to deal with such a thing again, and tries to find a way to stop the gods from destroying his home.

Ultimate Keeper


This is the -later- laster installment of my series of "The Keepers". I decided it would be amazing if someone were to be like this, and I thought it would be cool to have a keeper of all keepers. This combines all ten of the keepers in the series, and I hope you enjoy.

Keeper Of-Worlds


there we go. the tenth and last poem of "the keepers" series. i do hope you comment, like them or not.

Keeper of the Kreatures Part One

Amanda Virus' Shea

2 humans fall through a rift when they are snowboarding. The world is filled with magic, and gods. Nobody knows what trouble they will get into :)