Unlocked - II

Emily Kirsch

A continuation, apparently, of the first chapter. I love how this one's coming along! Hardly anyone's read it... comments and critiques are always welcomed.

Unlocked - V

Emily Kirsch

And here we have the doors.

Unlocked - VII

Emily Kirsch

And we have another chapter. What, am I actually continuing this? Amasing. Introducing a whole slew of new characters in the next chapter... which might be up before this year is out!... or not.

Going the Distance Chapter 2

D. Flagstone

Yay! Next chapter!

changing home

Samantha Hosea

get lost in you own home...imagine that...

The prophecy of the Key

Jean Boree

This was written for a rp story plot that I'm some what working on for my rp channel along with a friend of mine. I've never tried my hand at prophecys but um heres my first real try.. what do you think? :O)

Brethren - chapter 2

Neomi Geva

The second chapter in it the four begin to formulate a plan and Diana meets the imprisoned prince. This is the last chapter I will post here. If anyone is interested in reading the rest just e-mail me at dorland@hotmail.com

Balancing Powers - Prologue

Lyndsie Clark

The beginning of the story of Lana Lai and her search for The Power. If people like it I'll try to get the whole thing up.

The Dragons' Repose

Maja Ilisch

This is a song from »The Ice Flute«, sang by Key when they get to a mountain range called the Glowing Highlands, which is what became of the dragons when they ... left.

Chapter One

Gannon Forlenn

This is the first chapter to a novel about an elf hero named Gannon who's brothers are stolen one day by three evil sorcerers working for the Grand Council. Gannon must travel to the Council's headquaters, infiltrate its defenses, and retrieve his brothers. On the way he must learn the four different types of good magic, and gather as many alliances as he can to help him defeat the evil in his world.


Emily Kirsch

Ivory is a character in Unlocked, a story I worked on for a long time.

The Shatters of Time Ch01 and 02

Emma-Jane Smith

A tormented priest is the key, but not even he knows it. He alone must bring people back from the clutches of The Evil One. But the great evil is not to be underestimated, for it will stop at nothing to thwart him. Will Dameon succeed when even he does not know how to complete his task?

The Monster In The Corner

Iris Houten

This story is about a master thief who thought he was the best of all thiefs and have to pay this with his dead. enjoy reading this! O, and important: a lock pick is something thiefs use to open a lock without using a key.

Sinner's S ong: Chapter 3

Crystal´-una´ Rodriguez

continuing in the flow of the SInner's song saga...

Sinner's Song Ch. 1

Crystal´-una´ Rodriguez

can't really say much else. This is the first chapter of my ongoing story. I hope you enjoy it ~curtsies~

Going the Distance Chapter 3

D. Flagstone

The story continues with Alice being left behind when the Hunt begins.

The Silent Threshold : Generation Helanin : Chapter 1

Raychel Pekoe

OK it has no formal title so I just described it... Its from a world I've created. More will be explained in the next chapter which takes place in teh Silent threshold. *have to write that first*

Porta Caelestis, Chapter 1

Christine Randolph

A girl tormented by her classmates and ignored by her parents dreams of a place where things are different, but may end up getting more than she bargains for when she accidentally opens a door to another world.

Porta Caelestis: Chapter Two

Christine Randolph

Sarah is locked in a closet after the assembly and dozes off while day-dreaming. When she awakens, the world around her is not as she left it...

The Door

L. Viner

About a door that guards the passage to the edge of the world.