Allora and Rick

Amy Lawn

Sorry about the rubbish title, this is unfinished and short, please tell me what you think so far

Endings and Beginnings

Isabelle L Davis

The tale of how Shade and Blackjack graduated from mere demon hunters to Daemonslayers. Continuity: This occurs long before Soul joins them, and also before Shade falls prey to Raven (that story is on my website, but it's a crossover/fan fiction so won't be appearing here anytime soon).

Of Heat--Chapter Four

Liz Riza

I combined the two main characters in this; tried to convey a little more of Verana's personality. I didn't do that much with Aedammair, though; I'll get it in the next chapter. Anyways, in this chapter Verana is shunted off to the world the Meese (the dragon-people) were previously shunted off to. She is kidnapped by the Meese and meets Aedammair, while Addi learns what is to be done to Verana.


Zeypher Thasree

This is an ongoing story I am writing just for fun. It is about a girl named Lachlan who lives in  a screwed up socitey where a king rules over everything.TRIVIA!If this was made into a movie,Lily Cole would play LachlanChristain Bale would play Viktor

'Untitled as yet'

Dream Black

I wrote this song in the spring of '02 for an SCA songwriting contest. Unfortunately as I can't write music it's stuck as just lyrics. It also needs a chorus line. I tried to write it in the same style as 'Thomas Rhymer' and 'Isabel and the Elf Knight'

Heritage- Prelude

Di Thrice

The Dark Kingdom invades the light in a bold attempt to destroy the royal family and take control over all of the lands.

Conglacio's Stream

Matthew Herbert

A short story which I once got told was 'creepy'. There will be more.


Nici Jackson

This is... strange. Don't ask where I got the inspiration for it, because I don't even know. *Shakes her head*

The golden cage

Rosie Straw

This is the story of Elthenai, an elf who finds herself trapped in a time of war, far far away from her loved ones. This is the main story i've been working on. I started it years ago and after a year or sos writting block i came back and started rewritting most of it. It's darker than my other story and has unsuitable content for elfwood, and so i won't be putting all of it up, just snippets here and there that are clean. There are quite afew little notes in this bit, sorry about that! It's just the begining of the story that's littered with them, honest!

Saraida, Chap. 1

Rebecca Gow

I wasn't going to post this here... but I don't think it's ever going to be at risk of getting published. Not that I don't like it - Saraida is one of my earliest attempts at constructing a genuinely human character, and I still like her. I simply have too many other projects that absorb all my interest and writing time to allow Saraida to tell her tale. Thus, she's free to tell what there is of her tale here. By now this is about three or four years old, and I'm a little proud of it because little else I wrote back then reads as smoothly as this does... then again, this ain't exactly prize-winnin' material. But enjoy (I hope)!

Chapter One - Aurora

Jason Bates

Im sorry if the intro is too long but i had to introduce the characters somehow.....

Solid Cocoon - Edge of Enigma Taster

Greg Henderson

This is a taster of the very first story in the series. This one is based upon chinese / japanese culture. I try to relate to different cultures with each story rather then just sticking to the same old thing. This story contains: kidnap, ninjas, samurais, ghosts, monsters (as usual), clans and legendary weapons and armour. It is an emotional journey with lots of characters to like and hate.


Nicole Stevens

Yes, yes, I know this story needs a title but I just can't seem to think of one! *grumbles* any ideas, pllleeeeassseee let me know! This is just the start of a story I've been playing with, and I had to cut a little bit out at the start... I hope that this is acceptable now ^_^; I really like this character! As you'll figure out when you read, *something* has happened to his fiance and he's been searching for her non-stop ever since; his only clue being a mysterious ring... *X-Files music starts playing*

Wone: Alice pt1

Sam Whittingham

This is part 1 of a story. A young dark elf noble is kidnapped by her one of her father's rivals. This part is told from her point of view as she is picked up and taken before her captor.Note: the Dark Elves in this are not Drow. They are not always evil, whilst one family will attack another if it thinks it has something to gain, families generally do not fight amongst themselves, they will work with others etc.

The day that Squeak the Clown came to Elfwood Town

Becky Gerdel

A kid's story about a Clown and Elfwood town. enjoy and critique please!


Jessica Wainman

First part of the kidnapping of Princess Miri

Jenny and the Dragon

L. 'Cerastes' DuVall

A modern take on the dragon and the princess genre.

Dragon in Distress

Matthew Frantz

I wanted to write an amusing poem just for elfwood. I thought I'd look at the dragon's perspective.

Sapphire Eyes Part Seven: A Forced Escape

Athene Grele

I'm not all to pleased with this chapter's title, but oh well.... It's acurate, at least. Note: It picks up RIGHT AFTER the last chapter, so unless you've JUST read the last chapter, the beginning of this one ain't gonna make sense. Enjoy!

The Alien's Face

Charlotte DeKoning

This is a pretty basic story as far as plot line goes. I started it after reading C.S. Lewis' Out of the Silent Planet, so that should explain a lot about the names, plot, etc... lol, I'm such a thief, but I at least tried to make this one my own and not steal too much.