Joe Thorn

A new character? Find out...

Ch 8 - Big Red

Dave Steele

Clara meets Serena (Big Red) the swordswoman, and a close friend of the Enchanter's circle.

Same Old

G. 'Kat' Bird

This isn't finished yet, no. No! How could it be?! So dun even THINK it. -pokes.- It's just chapter one and two, and even those are relatively short, 'cause I worked on them in two separate places, so there. Hrmph!

Shadow-Dancing, Part 3: The Search

Rachel Armstrong

Ugh. I hate exposition, but it had to come in somewhere. Oh yeah, and I take it back, because I forgot about this particular subplot . . . it's part 4 that's really long, and this is the last part for a long stretch in a flashback-free zone. By the way, if you think Melar's a sexist pig, that's perfectly okay, he is. Just because he's a secondary protagonist doesn't mean he's completely likable. ^_-

The Battle

Heather 'dragon princess' Smith

This is me slipping into my Black Knight obsession. Usually its all about demons, but lately the dark haired literary inspirations have been knights. How could something so bad be so veryvery good? Anyway, crappy short poem, a rhyming one I thought I shoud stick in here, more soon.

The Betrayal of Amaranthe: Chapter 5

Mercedes Boggs

In this chapter, we meet Kalor, a less than nice mage who snakes his way out from Falin's past. Ana is taken, and finds herself in Kalor's grasp.

The Forbidden Children: Chapter 12

Samantha Fortier

Melody and Amolas have an awkward moment.*sniff* poor Amolas. He spends a bit of time with Griffin. The next morning Sydor wakes and finds out from Dameon and Amolas that Meldoy has been captured/kidnapped by?

Ch 7 - Kidnapped!

Dave Steele

Think things were bad with being enslaved? Now Clara gets kidnapped by the enchanter circle!

Warped; Prologue and Chapter 1

Rachel Hart

Set in the distant past, in Central and South America. In a time of warring empires and tribes, a young woman is kidnapped from her village. She falls in love with her 'rescuer', the king of the empire she was kidnapped by. When the queen dies, the empire needs a new co-ruler. The young woman wants it to be her, not knowing what dangers will lie ahead. In the form of the king, or the conspirators against the king, her life is threatened, and she has to be stronger than ever before if she is to make it through alive...

Through a Mirror - 03

SS Olsen

And there is more! Finally. Many more characters; still mostly introduction. Next part...just one new character there. Of course, she's also my favorite. ARGH! Okay, no new character in the next. Later. Promise.

Near to Dreams - Part III

Lindsay Verde

Chapter 03/04 - Rayne now has a choice to make. Does she go with the Captain and his men to find her biological parents, even if they aren't who the Captain thinks they are, or does she stay with the Father who knows and loves her? May 20072012 Project Status: On indefinite hold.

Sapphire Eyes Part Seven: A Forced Escape

Athene Grele

I'm not all to pleased with this chapter's title, but oh well.... It's acurate, at least. Note: It picks up RIGHT AFTER the last chapter, so unless you've JUST read the last chapter, the beginning of this one ain't gonna make sense. Enjoy!

Faery Mara

mandy good

A young poet is kidnapped by the affectionate Faery Mara.

Azar's Web, Part I

Carly Williams

More candy for all those Siovale fans out there. This one will get longer but for ease I'm posting it delicious bite-size pieces.


Cullen Groves

William Eckhart IV accompanies Catherine on her attempt to avoid capture by the forces of the dread necromancer Blackwulf. She's stolen her photograph-imprisoned soul back from him to secret it away, but is discovered running and hunted. William stands in her defense with his trusty flintlock pistol and finds he's not so great at the hero business after all. (This is the original version of the story; I'm currently rewriting it, a lengthy process. Hopefully I can share that piece when it's finished.)

The Dark Legion Chapter 3

Karl Oswald

a daring kindap in the night and attempted rescue

Thiefs: Chapter 5

Ric a.k.a Hermes

...Let the games continue!

A Fairy Tale

Kate Sullivan

What if the narrator got it wrong? What if things didn't turn out exactly 'happily ever after'? What if one princess decides that it is time to tell her own story and kick the narrator out? This is the first chapter of a multichapter story.

destine paths ch2

Brittany joe Sapp

discovery more is coming but this is all for now. Its slow

Queen of the Orcs

Laura Ulrich

This story has been rewritten, as the old version was just absurdly unrealistic. Its about a human princess who is kidnapped, and who learns that not everything in the textbooks are true.