A. Boee

Well... This was also something I started writing for school, only it was originally a film-script. It's written by a five-point recipe our teacher gave us; 1) Describe the setting of the scene (no characters). 2) Describe one character who does obviously not fit in with the settings (no dialog). 3) Describe another character who obviously does fit in with the settings. Have the first character do something unquestionably friendly to the second character (no dialog). 4) Have the second character do something unquestionably unfriendly to the first character (still no dialog). 5) Do whatever you think necessary to make the first character the winner in the audience's eyes. The story doesn't completely match the script, but I'm not too displeased with it.

The Toymaker's Workshop

Anson Brehmer

The old church sat, closed to all except the eccentric caretaker, who lived in the old theater and had made it his home and place of business. And what a business it was! What wonders will you find in Mr. Silver's workshop? And what horrors?

Greenslie (1)

Keri Keritsubo

In the usually peaceful city of Greenslie things start to happen. High school girls mysteriously disappear without a trace. Alex Tierman knowns about all this, one had been his classmate and middle school sweet heart. The story begins on his way home from a game when just miles out of Greenslie he stops and picks up a young woman. Yet not just any oridinary young woman... someone very different.

Greenslie (3)

Keri Keritsubo

The more he was around her the more odd she seemed. This young woman Alex had picked up on the side of the highway had stayed over night and he was beginning to wonder who she was. Where had she come from and who was this Darion she was looking for. Not that those thing mattered urgently, he had trigonometry to get done.

Marie Raven

still a bit rough, but the story part of it is finished. not the most cheerful thing i've written, but i did put a lot of work in to thos one

Rowen's Kidnapping Part I

Sandra Reese

Another of my many characters is Rowen. She's a human mage that is the advisor of her clan. Her lord is a hated man by many and there are numbers that would love to hurt him but few that would dare. This is Part I of one such attempt to hurt Lord Rakknarr.

Ch. 1

Aubrey Walters

This is the the first chapter of 12 Swords, which I am so excited to have finally retyped. I don't want to tell every thing because i feel a reader should make conections between the prologue of a story, not the writer telling them whats what. But if you can't tell by reading this, yes the four major characters from the prologue are at least mentioned in this chapter. Oh and my favorite of favorite characters is in this one. (Sorry for the misspellings and rambling, it's really late for me).

Lost soul

tameran liebe

A young woman, living with her grandma soon discovers that life is not all it seams. And there is God and Satian

Spell of Life Ch 2-2

Vicci Higginbottom

continued from before.

The Night Life

Kathryn Welteroth

Just a short story based on a dream. More of a city based sci-fi with all of the tech. gear and stuff.

A Rescue

Jackie Ozorio

Sometimes my dreams inspire me. I entered this in a competition, which had a limit of 1000 words. So I had to chop it down a LOT. Just letting y'all know it was much more detailed and expansive before I got out the proverbial shears. Oh, and I don't know how I went in the comp. I kind of forgot about it instantly after entering. :S

Hunted ch 3

E. House

we find out how val and ruto met and whats really between then and the trouble escalades as valimere retells what happened with the necros pet

Fate's Wolf (Part I)

David Rookhuyzen

This idea was one I had going in my head for awhile. The only problem is I couldn't get it down in print just the way I planned it out in my head. It isn't all that good (at least I don't think so), but I thought I needed to upload another story since I haven't in quite a while. This one also once again introduces Jonathon Dupoint. Oh well, enjoy.

Illoynoss Warriors- Chapter 1- The Pain

Danielle Ingram

The first chapter of a story I plan to finish. I've thought about it for over two years and I hope you enjoy it. Sorry if I misses any spelling mistakes, I'm not the greastest writer in the world.


Nici Jackson

This is... strange. Don't ask where I got the inspiration for it, because I don't even know. *Shakes her head*

Opaline Dragons

Ashley Hanna

This story is just something I wrote cause I was bored. It could be a lot better if I took the time to add some detail into it, but I'm just too lazy for that.

Chapter 12, Battle won, but what of the war pt 2

Melissa O´Dowd

same as the previous part, explanation and setting up of future events

Shadow-Dancing, Part 7: Imprisonment

Rachel Armstrong

At long last, the flashbacks end and the plot resumes!I apologize for the heavy, heavy exposition here, especially when it comes to vampires. As I've said in some of my comments to part 6, I'm writing this story inside-out and trying to compensate with generous use of the exposition stick.

Saraida, Chap. 1

Rebecca Gow

I wasn't going to post this here... but I don't think it's ever going to be at risk of getting published. Not that I don't like it - Saraida is one of my earliest attempts at constructing a genuinely human character, and I still like her. I simply have too many other projects that absorb all my interest and writing time to allow Saraida to tell her tale. Thus, she's free to tell what there is of her tale here. By now this is about three or four years old, and I'm a little proud of it because little else I wrote back then reads as smoothly as this does... then again, this ain't exactly prize-winnin' material. But enjoy (I hope)!

Once Upon a Dream Come True

Lauren Blewett

'And in the night you shall find her Deep colors and exquisite metals her hue One shall be the rich, while the one the poor One a royal born and bred, The other trying to escape her ways. Find her, and she shall be yours For it has been said.' Kaylee was skeptical about prophecies, especially when this one showed up about her! But now she'd do anything to make it come true. Recieved a Moderator's Choice Award on Sunday, March 28, 2004.