Nameless (Part 2)

Keryn Everett

Part two of my hopefully good story. Ok somethings are still unclear at this ponit but I'm still working on it.. and the last part will most likely be edited soon.

Mother Kat: Chapter 2

Emilie Finn

Wyvern's Project 5, chapter two. Rob, Sarah, and Paula.

'Memory Whisper: A 'Sanguine' Story'

Amanda Braton

Had to do an assignment for Creative Writing class, so I chose to write about Flynn, the apprentice healer. Will be different in the actual story, and there you will already know that love is taboo...

Wintery Discovery

R.E. Kankaanpää

It's a story. What more do you want to know? Okay, it's not just as good as I wanted it to be, but I just couldn't get the right mood on it (at least not in my opinion). Minor changes done in: 10.9.06


Staci Lewandowski

This is a scifi story that I wrote to make a point about human cloning. I won't say any more, as that kind of takes away from the impact.

The men who died because of pride

David Beaver

The short story I can remember writing, it tells the tale of two merchants in the frozen north seeking a rare material...the icalsy crystal. If they can find enough of it they can retire rich men, but the north is a dangerous place. Many trials await, but their true downfall comes from within themselves.

Swords of Unity and Daggers of discontent

Heather Nicholson

A young girl is takeing her brother to another town where he will recieve weapons training. Their guide is almost non-existent in the prolog. This story is also © Heather N. Nicholson.

Basic Magic 102

Joshua Price

Written on 2/20/07 as the 4th story for my creative writing class. This time, I decided to try a dialogue driven story rather than action or detail driven, as is usually the case for me. I also attempted to avoid using stuff like 'He said, she shouted', etc to identify the speaker. The end result is pretty darn good in my opinion. Not my best thing, but does every new piece have to be my best? Being happy with it is fine by me. As per the story itself, its basically an excuse for me to explain the relation of magic and technology within my universe. And I do so shamelessly too. Besides, writing out essays and appendices can get a bit tedious, stories are much more fun. Anyways, now to throw it to the wolves...errr...the readers. Dang it. I didn't say that, you're only imagining it! Seriously. Ahhh, forget it, just read the story. Update 5/6/07: As per requirement of my writing class, I had to revise this piece. While minor in usual scope, killing the lisps and adding the 'he said/she saids' change the look and feel of the story quite a bit. There was also some minor corrections and rewordings as well. Update 6/15/07: Thanks to an anonymous user finding a typo, I was able to correct them. How did my spell checker miss yeahr?

Anya meets Pixies

Curtis Hunt

This story is a short story written by me (of course), that is the beggining (first story) of my 'Adventures of Anya' (working title) series that I'm working on. (Any characters, and some races or characteristics of races (like the Pixies' glow) are my own, please don't steal them. Thank you)

Beware of the unicorn

Natalie (Gerie Aren)

Your traditional white-and-pretty unicorn, but with a twist. My first more-or-less good self-translation. I wrote this story in Russian some years ago. When I translated it, I changed it a little, to make the world in it more understandable. If you read Russian you can find original story here:

The Faithful

Emilie Finn

I meant to write a nice little short story for Christmas. Instead the Brats sprang into my head, and the entire town of Traderston took the story and ran with it! The result is a fairly complex look at the Lauralian resistance movement under Arcanian rule. Set before events in The Restoration. For my Godsibs.

The Age of Camelot

Kelsey Elles

The story of a girl that gets revenge for her mothers death. It did not go as i had planed but it will work

Sabel Wood 3: Dark Forest

Elizabeth Hanninen

After pinching Granny Lyn's strange book, Brian begins to follow the story of Jessalyn's journey into a land of monsters. Meanwhile Luke and Abigail set of on their own adventure in the night. This time the they'll discover that Sabel Wood is not without its dangers as trouble awaits beyond the mist and truths are revealed.

A Tale of Tales ch. 4

Melissa Jensen

At last! For inquiring minds that want to know what happened to Joen. There's no tale in this chapter, but Joen does manage to make an unusual new friend.

Fire Wind (chapter one)

Natalie Myers

this is a story about a boy named Nick who happens to get drawn into something larger than he thought possible.

And Storms May Light the Way

Ric a.k.a Hermes

Another 'Apocolypse Destroys the World' type story. Like there's isn't enough of them already...Well, anyway, I just got an idea and went with it. This actually took me about three days to write. I didn't hammer it out in a matter of hours like I normally do for a chapter in my ongoing stories.I don't normally do 'short' stories, tending to like to explore characters more than events. In fact, this is only my second posting of one. I've already been told its too long to be considered 'short' but I think most people can finish it in one sitting. That's what counts as 'short' to me.I don't wanna give anything away, but I think I should mention that I didn't describe the 'Beasts' on purpose. They were meant to be abstract, hopefully calling upon you, the reader, to fill in the blanks about their appearance, and maybe drag you into the story a bit more... hopefully to give you a sense of how desperate the situation is.With that out of the way I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think, I could really use the feedback.

The Storeroom

Ricky J. Blech

This continues the first chapter. This chapter tells what Regin and Alfrigg go to do.


Fred Hu

Quite awhile back, I wanted to create a gothic horror story. After a few turns..It turned into this little short story of innocence and fire. I am aware of quite a few of the grammar errors and such; but I have no intention of changing it..

Embracing the Future

Kimberly Riggi-Loines

The first chapter of Kaetrina T. Laroi's story. Updated because I hate Frontpage and it's formatting. Thanks for the help Stavie! :)

The Haunting

Brittany Zayas

After the death of their father, a teenage boy and girl move to the country with their mother. Unfortunately, the old house they move into has a past and dozens of murderous ghosts. They have to find out the identity of the ghosts before they can stop them... EDIT: I will very likely take this offline sooner or later.