Hello, Death. And how are you?

Rhonda Jezek

A young mother faces a gruesome choice for the fate of her children.


Ruth Petroff

gosh, it's been so long since i posted anything, since i've had to write an introduction. this is my first post in a really long time, just a short piece to excercise my creative brain muscle. tell me what you think...

Introduction of Septimus

aksig SMc

Again, a small part of that large project...this is the introduction of Septimus.

Bold, Unsung

Tom Anspach

A reflective twist on the Hero's Quest.

For King and Country - Chapter 2

Andreas Fog-Morrissette

The second chapter were the plans of the evil Gardtians are set into motion, and the Alliance Citadel Gardeth Noreth is attacked by the Vicious Nrayeth - Half-dead soldiers of Vornengardt.

Killed By An Angel

Jenna Krier

This is a poem that I wrote after listening to Sunny Day Real Estate's song by the same name. I LOVE their music and this one song jsut inspired me to write a poem about what I thought it would be like to be killed by angel.

Rebirth Chapter Two - Judgement

Nicholas Ramsden

Edward and Kate face judgement in front of the Pearly Gates. How will an athiest cope with the Christian afterlife?

The Beautiful Sage That Sits Alone

Jamie 'Z' Dunn

poem soken from the point of view of a woman that could be called a prophet i suppose...its about her life

Rebirth Chapter One - Death

Nicholas Ramsden

Two children are killed in a tragic car accident. What happens next, once your life is over?


Sarah Davis

Ah, the sad tale of a girl with an identity crisis and apparently soem magic skill. THis is a more than one parter. I guess taht woudl make it serial. More to come

Raven, part 8

Karen aka Amethyst

Alright. It's about time I'm able to put this up! Sorry it's been so long. Meh. Read, give me suggestions, you know the drill. :-)

My Loving Heart

Daniel Oehlmann

Tempus is the Forgotten Realms(TM) god of battles.