Eli Rose Chapter One

Eliot Grace

Eli Rose, through the Dunes, into the Hospital

Eli Rose, the Prologue

Eliot Grace

How Eli Rose meats with the Devil, and Discusses IT

Flayer of Flesh

John Hollands

This short story is about a killer stalking a young woman through the streets of a fantasy city.

Killers are Quiet

Kevin Hosein

The morbid articulate narrative of a rebel whom has crossed the line.

Black Cat

Mary Bailey

The glory of the hunt.

Beauty - Poem

Tansy H. Pye

Not for the feint of heart

Running Red Part 3

Carrie Ott

The third part of the short story, Running Red. Once again, I hope you like it!

The Wolf part 2

Claire Braves

The second part in the wolf. Lin enters Hunter's mind to get information about the killer.

Terran's Past

Kerry Stolp

This story is about one of my Chara's Past. This chara is not in my curent story. it is the final Edit *YAY* there should be not spelling mestakes and grammer mestake. Please remeber this is my most recent writing and i ahve grow as a writer.

'Tenacity' -- 01

Ben Atwood

Think of this story as Cluedo in space. The prologue, as you can read below, will basically introduce you to the sticky situation that will develop later.

Prologue 3 The Giant Killer

John R. Smith

Well it is about time I start a main charector for my prologues, someone to get the histery going, the battles may seem a bit one sided but keep in mind this is the legend/folklore of how their world came to be in its present form.

The Fall of Asmodius

Jason Romein

Okay...for those of you who haven't read 'Talon's Legacy - Prologue' or did and never understood that there are two Dark Lord Talons, well, there are. This is a story about the first one, the one who was slain at Vortex Gate, and the one who Emeran replaced. Okay? Good. =] This is kinda a legend in my world, where Dark Lord Talon combats High Mage Asmodius. Enjoy!

The Matadors

Jesse Clevenger

This is actually the second, much longer version of a story I've lost now. I wrote it after I read somewhere that matador is spanish for killer.

The Killer Smile

J. Shively

My friend told me that this kid's last name was Kielsmier. He called himself the 'Killer smile.' Silly me, I thought she meant a smile that killed people. She tried to correct me, but too late! This came out.

Attack of the Killer Dust Bunnies!

Jess Hickman

Well, I dunno how to explain it...umm... okay, the paint brush idea came kinda from my little sister looking for one, and my fiancee Mike showing me a bunch of swords. The killer dust bunny...from a conversation with my older sister. I got really bored, and this story kinda wrote itself when I picked up a pen. Gildar and Nargi are brownies, ya know, like from 'Willow.' Um...yeah...enjoy.

Nexus of Souls-Chapter1

Ryan Schmidt

The simple life of a young boy is thrown into a world of chaos on one fateful day.

Tales of the Wolf Guards, 'Way of the Wolf' Part 3

John sharp

A new threat looms, and a new ally appears. But is he what he appears to be?

Lindsey and Her Reluctance to Co-Exist with Zombies: Chapter 1

Emily Oldroyd

Something a little bit different for Elfwood, I think. -Intended- to be infuriating, pointless, and generally very bad, but hopefully amusing too. Now, go and meet Lindsey, and enter her world, which is much like ours. Except it has zombies and stuff.

Under the Bed


This is a warning to all those who dare to clean under the bed. You never know what evil lurks in the darkness just beyond the light of your bedside lamp.

Killer's Academy

Fiend Angelic

The Yamamoto Killer's Academy has captured gifted Japanese teens and children for years, attempting to turn them all into killing-machines. This is the story of Tatsuya Amane and his second life as a student at the horrific Killer's Academy.