The Shop on 5th Street.

Danyella Edwards

Sometimes you should listen....

Vision of Depth

Emily Grist

Updated Version This was one of my first pieces, and I'm still very proud of it. This is a riddle, by the way. It's already been guessed, but you can try and figure it out... it actually varies in answers.

Untitled - Part II

Gioanna Rheumer

This is the second part of Toryn's story. Hope you enjoy!

Soulless Invasion: Prologue

Alexandra Lewin

Sort of a prologue dealie. I realize how very much it sucks but I just wanted to give some sort of basic backgroud for the main story and why what was happening was happening. I also could not think of a name for the world in the story so took the french word for earth and stuck it in. I would really appreciate constructive critisim here as I wrote this in five minutes and like it very little. I may do away with it all together and add these facts in at some point in the story. Whatever the case, let me know what you think.

The Tale of Darqcyde

Adam J. Smith

The story how Darqcyde came to exist, a char of mine, given to me by a friend and I just made up the backstory.


Kimberley Painter

I wrote this just before i went to bed...i just had this sudden inspiration to write something down. Its not exactly BRILLIANT but i like it! Oh course it kind of turned out more morbid then i expected...i swear i was only going to do a description of a beautiful creature!

After the fight

Julia Rill

What happens after the final battle is won? The lands are destroeyed the warriors were fighting for and all the friends killed. What are they feeling?

The Kill

Elisabeth White

Short story worth a read...Its got vampires and mumbling bums...what could be better..Dont be suprised if you see Kaine in another story


Gracia Soria

Be very careful when you receive a new guest, specially when you donĀ“t know who lives in your own house...

What Time is Now?

Rachel Lawlor

A rondeau about a vampire hunter who has finally finished his job. What will he do now? Apparently his solution is a very dark one, no?I tried making the language and overall feel of the poem archaic since vampires are such ancient creatures. I originally had 'humanity's sake' instead of 'mortal race's sake', but it definitely wasn't fitting with the pacing, so I changed it. I like it much better now, and it fits with the overall feeling. At least I hope it does! Normally I center my poems, but I like it better aligned to the left because of the refrain. Maybe I'm just weird, but I really do think it looks better, specifically for the refrain.

The Legend Of Shadow Step-Chapter 6

rory braconnier

chapter 6 of the legend of shadow step

BlOoD sTaInS

RikKI Dunn

A poem about the little elf named Drake in Killing Elves story

Ghostly Nights

Brooke Singler

The first chapter to my modern day fantasy story. Tess is the main character a young woman growing bored with her mundane life as a magazine writer. But things in her life begin to take a turn for the worst when a co-worker is unexpectedly killed. Now she's on the hunt to find out who's killed her friend, and why Rose's ghost is haunting her.

The End of an Era

Jared Adolf-Bryfogle

This poem of mine is about a journey into the realm of evil, I guess you could say. It is about a hero who puts everything on the line to help, but allows his emotions, and the yearn for revenge, to take over him.

Soulless Invasion: Part 1

Alexandra Lewin

The first actual part of this story. Focuses on the character Kaid and his role in the Resistance, so on and so forth, blah de blah. Much better than the prologue in my opinion.


Brian Bergstrom

A poem I wrote. Possibly my best.

Blood stains (a poem)

Kaisa I. Stilger

I have illustrated this poem on my art gallery. writen 4-21-99

Battle of the Brave

Nicolei Arnold

When all hope is lost, who is to claim victory?

Evil Stides


I re-wrote this story, due to a personal project I have to do for stuupid IB -___-" so i chose to re-write. Keeping original idea but still different. Character name changed from Shoran to Caleb xDD and yes it is a short Prologue =DD

The Rifting

Joel Todd

The struggles of young students to tame their powers.