Appendix B: The Provinces

Emilie Finn

A brief sketch of the founding of Lauralia and the history of the different provinces thereof.

The Academy: 2

Emilie Finn

The conclusion of Karen, Veronica, Lori, and Harry's eventful final year at the Academy.

Journal of Queen Laural

Emilie Finn

This fragment was found by King Hawkins of Lauralia, whose passion for finding and preserving history became widely known, both during and after his reign. He created the position of Royal Chronicler, which he awarded first to his scribe, Young Lord Elron of the Eastern Woods, only two years after his coronation as king.


Erin Bankhead

Ayrie takes her new companions to Culruch, where Brannoch learns the truth about his identity.


Gabrielle Miles

This is based on one of my roleplaying characters Angelique_BriarRose. Actually, it's her history. So it's all (c) me and such. No stealing! This is only an edited re-upload, though I've taken up the story again. ^_^

Words of a Dream - Chapter Two

Martha Cundiff

The saga of Anavielcia continues.

Words of a Dream - Chapter One

Martha Cundiff

A frustrated elven princess, her cursed brother, a scheeming noble, a dreadful prophecy. Sound like the making of a fantasy story to you?

The Journal of Rinya Pyris Part 2

E. Nadeau

As you can see, she's not quite dead yet.

Countess, Chapter One

Emily Weiland

The first chapter of the first book in my second trilogy- A young countess, Niniane, is on the run from the king's men.

A Story of Twins

Catrina Callahan

well this little tid-bit came about one day when i was thinking about how everyone calls me and my best friend twins. we look alike and are the same age so some ppl actually think we are, but we are from different families...hmmm, so i decided to explain why we we're in different families. It's not very good and certainly not my best, but i like it all the same

Gone Chapter 1

Erica X. Aumand

Well i have always been like a little princess in my own little world so i wanted to write about one.

The Ambrian Jade_chpt1

Jennifer Velez Yawn

Marlow Winterhaven always knew she was different then her family and friends. She always knew she was an elf, but there is a lot she doesn't know, and her destiny to save her true people is right around the corner.

Mercenaries of Eltorin

Blair Turberfield

This is the Introduction to the ongoing Saga of Eltorin

The Death of Acan - 1

Matthew Donovan

This is chapter one. A young traveller wonders into a massive city. There he will find what he has been looking for, and there he will make his destiny true.

5. Joshua's Older Brother

Twyla McKee

A prince falls in love, but does what is right for his kingdom and marries another. However, there was a child.... ~A Story from the Land of Fairrin~


f. hiromitsu

this is one of the first 'fantasy' poems i've written, i guess, it's kinda old but i still like it. the result of driving home at sunset.

A Hint of Jasmine

Jacob Wenzel

This is the first chapter of a larger story based in the city of Jek, following an aray of characters and their own stories and problems while a much larger problem that will effect all of the denizens of the city simmers underneath.

Death and Prophecy

Kori De-Ann

I'm very big on titles, and I don't care for this title at all, but I had no thoughts on what else to name it. This is another tid-bit from Carana-Thai, a World that exists in stories here and there but for the most part only in my mind. Hope you enjoy.

Annabell Lee

J. Shively

This was a story I wrote at the last minute for school. Its kinda rushed but I like it..

House of the Rising Son

Hans Liu

Started listening to the House of the Rising Sun, and thought it would make a good title. And hey, I've always wanted to do a poem about the vicious cycle that engulfs the power hungry. =P