Chapter 1: Beginning the End


Ok, here is the beginning of my story, my book, which has no name (help welcomed) any ideas? Anyway, its about bag guys who are trying to take over the world, and good guys who stop them...or do they? You'll see, critisism and comments welcomed, helpful hints and corrections are please, feel free to comment and help me...I'm only a beginnger.

FoxTail- prologue

Cameron Brandsberg

Um, it's the prologue to a story/book I'm very, very slowly writing.


Holly Burpo

This was written for my creative writing class. We were supposed to take a post card of a place and use the letter on it to make a story in the time and place on the card. I chose a blank card with some mountains and chose Japan. The story's littered with cultural junk, but I think most of it's obvious. Or easily translatable.

Holes (Reversed)

Nicolette Briggs

A reversal of a story I wrote when I was younger.Adel is a youth targeted and harrassed by an inexplicable, dangerous man, who eventually drives Adel and his family to the West coast. Aka is a powerful, ancient spirit who bafflingly works at a prestigious Inn in the Spirit World. Eventually, their lives will mesh in ways neither would come to expect.

That Kitsune Feeling: Part Four-Fights and Feelings

Lindsey Andrews

After meeting the new stranger Tahn and challenging him, Kal'enal now steels herself to fight him. Both are confident of victory but who will triumph?


Ray Arquette

For Liari, upon snagging hundreth overall comment. Translations/ Definitions: hoshi no tama= a round or pear shaped white ball, also called a star ball, carried by Kitsune. If you catch one, you can make the kitsune help you in order to get it back. kami= Japanese Shinto deities. kitsune= native fox spirits nogitsune= kitsune not in the service of the Shinto goddess Inari. Often mischievious, sometimes evil. tanuki= raccoon dog spirits. yokai= Japanese spirits. Sometimes the word kami is used interchangeably.

That Kitsune Feeling: Part Three-Town Events

Lindsey Andrews

Kal'enal decides it's time to venture into town. But is that such a good idea? She finds herself laden with more than shopping bags!

That Kitsune Feeling: Part Five-Judai Returns

Lindsey Andrews

A trip to the woods for Kal'enal and Tahn doesn't turn out quite the way they planned. And startling revelations are made.

The Disciple's Prayer

David Meredith

This was a contest entry (results pending) where the first line was provided and then the author was free to write whatever they wanted up to 800 words. I hope you like the results of my effort. (It should be noted that the Kitsuneinori Sutra is a proper noun and is therefore untranslateable. It refers to a specific ficticious formal chant.)

Harlens Story

Holly baby' Davidson

I am writing a Novle called Chaseing Death. Because each character is so indepth, i decided to write a short story about each characters dificult time in life. this is Harlens. you can also learn more about this story in my art sites, ant see pictures.

A Streak of Red

Jamie Chan

A kitsune in the human world with no one else like her. This is her tale.


Nicolette Briggs

Astarte is a typical girl, or, at least, mostly typical. Her temper, however has gotten her into trouble one too many times. A troubled soul, looking for a reason to keep on going. Just because people in some places are VERY sensitive, I'm puting out a warning; some themes in this story are not for children younger than thirteen. Viewer discretion advised.

The Chronicles of Torahn Ch1A

Niki Ruffin

The New Year's Ceremony of the Kitsune.

That Kitsune Feeling: Part Two-Realisation and Realms

Lindsey Andrews

Kal'enal has been transported to a new world and found out that she is a fox-human halfbreed, a Kitsune. Not only that but she has discovered that her mother who was believed dead, is very much alive.

Paper Fox

Amy Williams

Autumn whispers through the Old Wood, the secret place of demons and gods. Kita finds her heritage in the eyes of a Kitsune.... Part one. Written 2002.


Ray Arquette

Introducing Kita. In case it's not clear, she's a kitsune... and if you need more clarification on what that means, let me know. I'm also having trouble coming up with a title... Wanted to call it 'Foxy Lady', but I couldn't quite take the pun. I know there's a distinct lack of suspense, or plot, this is more or less just an intro to the character.

That Kitsune Feeling: Part One-Tests and Training

Lindsey Andrews

Kal'enal has just completed her knight training and she and Alai'in are ready for adventures and battles to come. But is Kal'enal ready for the adventure on which she is about to embark? The adventure of life.

Fox and Ninetail, part 1

Steven Castjohn

Thousands of years have passed since the mages turned on their masters. The last sorcerer is over a thousand years dead but, the mages aren't satified. Malfiria, the last haven of the blood, still has the awakened mages, mages of emence strength who follow the teaching of the sorcerers.Clawdette, ruler of Malfiria and strongest of the awakens, has a plan: Ward her youngest and send him to the enemy. They will abuse and neglect him until he snaps. And then she will have vengance. For, he will either explode or be the first sorcerer in a thousand years!

Fox and Ninetail, part 2

Steven Castjohn

With the Alistan king dead and his tower gone, Samuel decided to go home to Malfiria. But Lord Baxton stops him at the gates with a job offer. His neice needs a tutor.Samuel's jaw drops when he realizes she's only six! But she soon has him laughing and he begins to consider. He agrees to teach her everything. Everything... including sorcery!Now there are two sorcerers in a world full of mages. Mages who fear and used to hunt their kind. He takes her to the Western Frontier, the untamed wilderness that stretches over half the continent.There they name themselves after kitsune, legendary magical foxes with a pencant for pranks and magic.And her training begins...

Power of Goodbye

S. Strand

The rivalry between Crow and Kitsune finally reaches a point of no return, where only one of them will walk away alive. Much drama. Much angst. I don't like killing off my beloved characters, so when I do I feel the compulsion to at least write them impressive farewell-scenes...