The Good Guys Don't Always Win. (Fantasy Story)

Daron MacQueen

Short story written for class. First story in grade 9. Almost perfect marks. Do you think I deserved it? The mage is based off a friend of mine's role play character. Rahlaer. The description of Kadessa is put up as well. It was only supposed to be a short story.. So I didn't get much of a chance to tell what she looks like. And so I love her description.

Approaching the Keep and Welcome to Wolfsinger Keep

Debbie Palmer

A short narrative about a visitor arriving at Joiya's adult home.

IX: Enmity

David Lee

X: And Then There Were Four

David Lee

Embracing the Wind: XII

David Lee

Endeavor: The Prologue

Heather Palmer

This is a fantasy/romance story in the works!Hope you like it so far...the dragons, faeries and magic are coming...

The Dragon

Katrina Evens

a poem about a horrific dragon

The Dragon's Plight

Jermaine Joseph

Even dragons dream... that was something that made me think. Oh well, enjoy.

Wonderland Is Burning

Aaron Fredericks

This poem is a poet's way of asking his reader to keep and open mind and not flee from the tale just because you don't like the twists and turns it might take. Written January 28, 1998.

The Wastelands 1: The last fortress

Ace Furio

Carrying on from the prologue, once again comments will be greatly appreciated.

The Betrayal of Amaranthe: Chapter 10

Mercedes Boggs

Ana tries to come to grips with her fear while preparing to confront the very thing that caused it. Arathyn must face the aftermath of his decisions.

Writer's Night

Désirée Dippenaar

This is just a silly little poem I wrote sometime in 2004 and completely forgot about until I found it today! Well, this is what happens if you stay up all night to write - even your story characters start rebelling :P

Book I: The Gathering (ch. 6)

Jade Bailey

the sixth chapter, probably one of the worst so far. an inevitable lapse into pure cheesiness can be experienced here... but you have my word, i will make up for it later. may even rewrite this chapter to some extent; i haven't touched it for a while and there's a lot i'm not happy with. anyway, it's divided into two narrations - that of sianrel and that of morgan. and this is where their paths inevitably cross for the first time...

The Fated Rise of a Hero

Christopher Grant

A cocky ex-knight with a loose grip on reality finds himself in conflict with a murderous warrior as he flees for his life.

The Sanguine Pig (Part One)

Cullen Groves

This story is a foray into vampire fiction--I'm tired of the lack of original vampires. Everyone just assumes that vampires are Dracula-esque, or whatever, and that's the end of it. So here's my story about a non-traditional vampire.

Academy Chronicles Ch.5

H. Coyne

The ill-fated incident of the Dark Eldar and a snooty Hind, with some drunk peasants to boot.

Rian: Part II

HM Hanif

The second part of the Maritulu Chronicles.

In the Lair of Morvious

Allison Miller

This is the introduction to my character known as the Dragon Knight. It was originally supposed to be the beginning to the second story in my Dragon Knight trilogy, but the plans for the story line changed. This particlar event was just too awsome to scrap, however. If you wish to learn more about Morvious's past, then you must wait till the Dragon Knight Chronicles Book 1 is finnished

Ballad of the Witty Young Squire

Barbara Wickham

Written in my junior year of high school, I present for your scrutiny, this awkward bit of prose in all of its unedited glory. Many apologies in advance... :)


Sarah Barnhart

a poem in a werid time in my life