Chapter 2- The Little Girl

Brienna Critchfield

Chapter 2 is a whole different section then the first chapter. This one is about a girl named Morgan..and I don't want to spoil the rest..

A Wizard's Lab

Ri Herring

While writing one of my ill-fated short stories, and was trying to describe the home of an elven wizard, and fell to playing with the idea of what I would keep in my lab if I were an all-powerful wizard. Just lyrical fun with lots of adjectives...lots of fun to write.

Kingdom Protista

Aryeh White

It is an old story. I wrote it in 7th grade and have been trying to bring it to a more mature style. I repeat, it is very old. Comments are appriciated as always.

The Hairy Hand

Amy Schley

Continuing with my law theme, this is a retelling of one of the most famous law cases in contract law: Hawkins v. McGee aka 'The Hairy Hand case.' With a name like that, shouldn't werewolves be involved somehow? The quotes about whether or not a contract was formed are actually from the real case. (Which under copyright law are in the public domain.)

A Wizards Disappearance (titles are harder than I thought)

Elise Copper

This was written last year for a writing assessment in English but I've updated it a bit now. Its really hard to make a bad story sound good:)

Psion - Telekinesis

Becky Reck

Psion and everything in it copyright to me, Becky Reck.