The Way Things Work

Lydia Fleming

Forgive me all of you male readers out there... *grins*

Three Fine Ladies, Chapter 2: In Which Yet Another Person 'Awakens'

Cherie Campbell

Another short chapter! This one is written in Wesa's little point of view! ^_^ Co. Written/edited by Blythe Kinderknecht whose link can be found in my bio

Three Fine Ladies, Chapter 3: In Which an Unlikely Friendship Forms

Cherie Campbell

Just a continuation of the story! Rather long eh? We now introduce a new companion to our story! Co. Written/edited by Blythe Kinderknecht whose link can be found in my bio

The Spinner

Chelsea Castonguay

A short story about a girl who spins shirts from spiders' silk

The Gentleman and His Ladies

Janell Poulin

How the core of the Earth formed and seasons and other small things in legend/myth form.


Victoriana Ravenscraft

(FYI: a yarn is a tall-tale) This is another story we were to write in 8th grade Lit to explain in any way possible how the world was created. Hope you like!

Three Fine Ladies, Chapter 4: In Which Our Fine Ladies Meet Again and Are Bullied into Joining a Quest

Cherie Campbell

Well, I think the title explains it pretty well! I'm sure you've noticed by now that my writing tends toward the humorous ^_^; Yeah, and Talc seems to know what the point of the story is. Co. Written by Blythe Kinderknecht (link in my bio)

Worlds Away Part Two

Deborah Cullins Smith

Angelica's story continues, as Lilith pulls a few more strings and digs her deeper and deeper into this new life. Suddenly a simple life isn't all it's cracked up to be!


Gina Nigro

This one was written as a special request, about a man and a Woman.. good friends forever.. and alove that goes befoyond love really as real friends know it all. Cooper and Scii.. this one is for you! Love Sy

A Night of Storms

A.R. George

This is one of a few short stories about the early life of one of my characters. I wrote it quite late at night, so it's a bit patchy and rushed, not quite self-contained, and could do with more fleshing out in the descriptions. Someday. For anyone who's confused by all those changing names whizzing overhead, Palantas is the name of the family, Palantasi is the plural for members of the family, and Palantasa is a kind of genitive adjective (ie. 'Australian girl' -> 'girl of Australia'). The same goes for Rimairan and Rimairani. And for those worried about my grasp of biology - it takes a day or two for newborn Elves to open their eyes. Cattish, not humanish.

Prolouge to The Three Fine Ladies

Cherie Campbell

Just a short lil prolouge I made to explain a bit 'bout Kisha-kee and where our story begins! Co. Written by Blythe Kinderknecht who's gallery link can be found in my bio

Gutter Fish

Julian 'Llos' Greene

I had to write this story for my Literature class in Grade 10. I really just whipped it off, even faster than I did the English story, 'Forgotten.' A bit more background to this is needed, I guess. The assignment called for me to write an excerpt from the beginning of a chapter that is supposed to belong to a literature era, with the choices being: Victorian, Elizabethan, Romantascist, And something else. I chose Victorian, which it is claimed Charles Dickens was the embodiment of. So, the lord and lady are not there only to attempt to mock the upper class, but to attempt to mock my highschool principal (A Mr. Livingstone. I bear no liking towards that man, I'm afraid) by making the lord have similar characteristics, and the model industry via the lady. Written by: Julian Greene with Harold Worthington, and possibly Bentwood Wentworth the III

Driven by Wrath

Lena Bazhenova

This is a story I wrote to go along with one of my (rather awful) paintings. Surprisingly, I got a massive amount of positive feedback and suggestions that I start a library shelf in addition to my gallery. Well, here it is.

Three Fine Ladies, Chapter 1: In Which An Ancient Power Awakens

Cherie Campbell

Hi hi! Due to many requests (okay, one) I'm posting the Three Fine Ladies Story! Whole Title: The Chronicles of the Fellowship of the Wierd: Book 1: The Three Fine Ladies, but that is rather long to write XD ANYWAYS! Chapter One is all about the waking up of KaKisha who is copy right to Blythe Kinderknecht(link can be found in bio), who by the way is my co.writer(although this book is mostly mine, she edits). ^_^ um yeah. It's a rather short chapter but I hope you enjoy it anyways! Just a little background info, all this is happening on the planet of Lethe, created by the humans after they mined Earth hollow and polluted the air so much you couldn't breathe it. ^_^;; uh yeah.

Crimson Regrets

Anna Routt

I wrote this story a while ago, but I recently rewrote it to make a bit better. This is only chapter one, but chapter two is coming soon! Basically, this takes place on a world called Mirthne, where lords and Dragon Tamers are battling for control. As the lords break out their deadliest weapon, the Dragon Tamers must find a way to counter it before it spells the extinction of all dragon-kind.

Delia's Dragon

Victoria Imperiatrix' Massey

I wrote this for a short-story assignment for my English class . . . I was very unsatisfied with the ending, so when I prepared it for this site, I chopped it off, and it's going to be different . . . somehow. I'm not precisely sure where this is going, so bear with me!

Lady Greensleeves (Prologue)

Jennifer Doneske

This is the prologue to a novel I've had in mind for quite some time now; you can read the basic synopsis of the story here if you like, so you'll actually have some idea where this is going. I'm a notoriously lazy procrastinator, so you may not see any further chapters of this for quite some time--but the chapters I do finish will be posted both here and my my own website as soon as they're done (I'm only planning on posting up to about chapter three or four, though, because if I can actually complete this thing, I'm going to submit it to publishers for possible publication--which obviously means I don't need to be posting the whole thing up for anyone and everyone with a modem to read:-). As a side-note, this story actually had its beginnings in a drawing I did, which can be seen in my Loth gallery here.

Forever Shadow: Chapter II: Swordplay

Siegfried Baumann

Continues with the story of Maedric, introducing some more characters and has a nice little battle scene too. Please take a read and and you can always check out my Elfwood art gallery for some pictures.