Approaching the Keep and Welcome to Wolfsinger Keep

Debbie Palmer

A short narrative about a visitor arriving at Joiya's adult home.

Appendix B: The Provinces

Emilie Finn

A brief sketch of the founding of Lauralia and the history of the different provinces thereof.

Lady Marin's Story

Emilie Finn

This story introduces a new set of characters from a coastal village in a country to the far west of Lauralia. I call it my Louisa May Alcott story, because it's written very much in a 19th century style. Part two is in my Other Works section. (Don't ask me why this one qualifies as fantasy and part two doesn't...)

The Academy: 2

Emilie Finn

The conclusion of Karen, Veronica, Lori, and Harry's eventful final year at the Academy.

Endeavor: The Prologue

Heather Palmer

This is a fantasy/romance story in the works!Hope you like it so far...the dragons, faeries and magic are coming...

Silver Winged Lady

Erin Murphy

I found an image of a little silver haired and winged fairy, sitting on a tree branch in the snow a while back and I fell in love with it. I wrote this story about her.

Chapter Three: The Lady of the Wood

Angela Fraga

Elduvil journeys to the east to seek for help and counsel from an old friend and kinswoman, in an ancient grove.

Lady Winter

Elizabeth Steen

I'm a lover of nature, and nature inspires me greatly. Another time I may show Lady Autumn to the woods, but for now *waves her wing* I introduce thee to Lady Winter.

Brother of Rat

Sean Daily

One of the most popular bar songs in Tayassam, a chiroptim ghetto in New York City and the scene of my upcoming roleplaying system. It's like 'A Fairy Tale of New York' to chiroptim. Imagine the guys singing one chorus, then the ladies, then everyone all together in the final chorus.

Chapter Two: Premonitions

Alexandra Rogers

Arguing, arguing, arguing...does it really get you anywhere in life?

Chosen 7b

Andrew Casey

Second half of chapter 7


Alexa Adams

Written about a Lisa Snellings statue that Neil Gaiman mentioned in the introduction to Smoke and Mirrors. A small winged girl offering a feather to a man outside her cage while her captor sleeps nearby...

Love of War

Allen Gould

The mix of the love of love and the love of war. ((Note: Written in 2003))

Death Day

Amanda Ellis

I haven't updated this site for quite some time and I've started taking a writing class. This is the first composition I did for it, and I'm pretty proud of myself. It's experimental, and short (it had to be less than 500 words), but I hope you like it!

The Gemstone Council - Diamond

Kelly Crawley

An introduction to one of the members of the Gemstone Council, Marigoth Kenspie, who seeks revenge upon those who, in her mind, have wronged her. In order to facilitate her revenge, she has turned to the dark art of necromancy.

Lady of Scarlet Hair

Kelley Harris

Life is not worth living without love, especially if the one you love doesn't even know you exist... This story is very short with not much detail to the characters. Different from my usual to keep focus on the simplistic plot.

False Heir: Prologue

Katie Hallahan

The prolouge of a new story called 'False Heir', about a girl named Scira and the past she never knew she had. (Thanks to Babie Anna for pointing that I spelled 'prologue' wrong!)


Kortnee Bryant

This is the end of the last task one of my characters had to go through to become a god. This is the bard from Who's... Going... First? after a lot of adventuring.

Who's Going First

Kortnee Bryant

The title of this story is a running joke at the RP table. It generally panics the players and makes us do stupid things. This is the first time it was used.

Jheroma of Paetheil

H. Chute

Another story in my Paetheil collection (obviously). It happens in the same area as Apprentice, though thousands of years before... No, it is NOT the same Ilanis. The Ilanis in Apprentice is named after the Ilanis in this story. It's only a little section of the full story, but, as I had to write a short story on any topic for school, I decided to condense into this little thing. Enjoy!