Journal of Queen Laural

Emilie Finn

This fragment was found by King Hawkins of Lauralia, whose passion for finding and preserving history became widely known, both during and after his reign. He created the position of Royal Chronicler, which he awarded first to his scribe, Young Lord Elron of the Eastern Woods, only two years after his coronation as king.

The First Black Rose- Chapter 1

Sarah Hagen

“DAMION,” Her incensed voice shrieked, “don’t make me poke this idea of yours out your head by way of your big, stupid eyes, it would be a huge inconvenience for you to return without them!” ^_^, just a story I am messing around with. I'm not sure where it's going, if you have any ideas, let me know!

The Duckling was She

Alison Durrans

This story is a kind of cross between the ugly duckling and swan lake! I thought it was an interesting idea!

Lady of the Lake

Nathyun Schnebbe

My friends and I embark on an adventure. This is the beginning of my first story.

Ol 'Nessy

Lindsay Mitchell

This is actually a poem that I wrote about the Loch Ness monster. It's cute and in terms of ryming meter, it's definitely my best to date. Also, my geography SUCKS so land marks might not be correct but it worked for this poem.

The Lady of the Lake

Jad Seifeddin

A tale of a lady and her undead brother

Lake of Tears

Tayla Waterworth

A slightly different view of what may await us after death...bizarre ideas tend to pop up in my head at random times.


Brian Buckley

Mirion is a made-up name; it has no significance besides sounding good to my ears. Hey, this is fantasy, right? Anyway, I'd say this poem leaves quite a bit open to interpretation on the reader's part. What do you think about it?


Gracia Soria

The war has come... why?

TO Slay a Dragon: Chapter 3

T. Jenkins

The adventure continues! Enter...The Dragon! Is anyone reading this story at all?

Clayton McFarland

A short piece about a pleasant lakeside experience. Deeper meaning for myself...

Prologue to "The Other Doors"

E. Nadeau

Aha! The prologue to another one of my books that will probably never get finished. How did this get here?

Chapter One

Gannon Forlenn

This is the first chapter to a novel about an elf hero named Gannon who's brothers are stolen one day by three evil sorcerers working for the Grand Council. Gannon must travel to the Council's headquaters, infiltrate its defenses, and retrieve his brothers. On the way he must learn the four different types of good magic, and gather as many alliances as he can to help him defeat the evil in his world.

The Flying Horse

Lita Cranfill

The title pretty much self explains itself.

The Potter and the Fae

Benjamin Seeberger

A short short story about a craftsman meeting one of the deadly fae of the lake.

The Old Man on the Lake

Amanda Van Fleet

You know how curiosity killed the cat? Well, in this case, curiosity made a boy live forever!

The Lake of Fairytales

Amanda Jönsson

The story about a small Gdung and a large dragon who has to bring back the fairytales to the world.

Loch Lomond

Erin McLaughlin

My writing group’s weekly challenge was: write a story entitled “The Pipes” So I immediately think bagpipes. My favourite bagpipe song is “Loch Lomond,” so I wrote a story about that. I think this qualifies it as my first song fic.


Jym Greenfield

Bad horror story. Only, its not supposed to be a horror story. KEEP THIS IN MIND. Pretty much, pages 2-3 a straight out of a dream i had, and i was so enthralled by the idea i turned it into a story. yay.

We Are Cain

Jess Hyslop

~~Excerpts from Beowulf~~ XIX Cain had become the killer of his own brother, his kin by the same father, and consequently, outlawed, marked with murder, he had gone fleeing from the happiness of human society and had settled in the wilderness. From him was born a multitude of beings preordained of old. XXII He was unable to wield weapons, for such a host of extraordinary creatures constricted him in swimming: many a sea-beast with fighting fangs tore at his soldier's mail-coat; monsters menaced him. Then the man realised he was in an abode of evil where no water harmed him and the current's sudden clutch was unable to touch him. He saw a fiery light, a lurid gleam glowing brightly. Then the virtuous man recognized the damned creature of the deep, the brawny water-hag. ~Anonymous; Bradley translation (with a couple of tweaks, to make it read better)~ To mod: Sorry about the italics the first time round! I ought to read the formatting rules more carefully. But in fact, I'm grateful that it got rejected, because it made me think of how else to show the voices, and that led to a little tweak at the end that gives extra impact (I think so, anyway). To readers: originally I used italics for the voice of the monsters, rather than the man, and there were no speechmarks. But rules are rules, and it's better this way anyway. The indents were HELLISH to translate into html, and they are not really where I wanted them to be exactly (in Word it was all placed precisely so that lines carried on from each other, but it just wasn't possible in html). Nevertheless, it's better with approximate indents than none at all.