The Serpent's Coil - Prologue

Mike Theodorsson

This is the lament of the black sorcerer, and also the prologue to my story 'The Serpent's Coil'.


J. 'Vi' Jacobs

I suppose I felt apocalyptic one day.

Lament of a Falling Angel

Christina Stoppa

Yeah, um... I really have no idea where this came from. All I know is that it came out one day and here it is. The poem is from the point of view of my Angel of Death character.

Wizard's Lament (poem)

Marius Ernst

This is a poem about the life of a wizard. It can be happy or sad, it depends on with which side you indentify. Usually I don't write poems, but I was in a bit of a sad mood.

Vampire's Lament

Esther Wetzel

When I collected my poems recently to put them online I was inspired to write one again. Mainly just for the fun of rhyme and rhythm. And I noticed that I recently have missed the darkness in my thoughts ...

The Knight's Lament

Billy Easley II

A young man destined to be a worthy knight becomes involved in a murderous scandal. This is the first part of the The Knight's Lament. Enjoy!

Sparrowhawk's Lament

Callie Richardson

This is a ballad that I wrote for school, in a Women's Lit class. It's about a woman that I know. (*grins* it rhymes!)

Lament For Fallen Angels

Chris Reddings

This is one story that I wrote while in the grips of a manic depression. I don't know -where- it came from. :-)

Unicorn's Lament

Kevin Meeks

This started with an idea I had about the typical RPG quest. This is a quest from a perspective that you don't think about often.

Songs of the Downtrodden 2 (poem)

Kate Jennings

This is a lament for one who has fallen under the tyrant's hand. It is from a fantasy story in which the main characters belong to a downtrodden but quietly rebellious people. The lilies refer to the Lily Crown of the oppressor, the gold crowns are the money minted by the same, the linen is both a sign of the 'nobles' and an important trade item, and the mouth is covered because the people are forbidden to speak their own language. (I think the description is now longer than the poem!).

Tormented by Voices

Shuo Chen

This piece is inspired by a song called 'Notre Dame des Ronces', by Nothvs Filivs Mortis, and it should be playing right now. So turn up your volume, speakers and the like... If all attempts to listen to the song fail and you're intent on hearing it, please go to and click on either 'Lo Fi Play' or 'Hi Fi Play'. Thanks. By the way, this piece should officially be part of the chaos series.

The Daughters of Avalon Laments- Igrayne's Lament

Elizabeth Ryan

This is a song that Queen Igrayne, the mother of King Arthur, sings over her dead husband, King Uther on the battlefield,this poem is based on my book- 'The Daughters of Avalon'.

Lament Not - Poem

Brandon Halcomb

Told from the coffin...

The Castle of Ice: The Agony Amongts the Beauty

Brittany Dulay

A story about death and love and how we all hide in our own castle of ice. I'm not too happy about this one...of course I never am.

Autumn Lament

Brittany Dulay

An old poem that goes along with an idea I have for a novel. Its theme is centered around winter, oddly enough, and is about love's vitality to withstand even the harshest events.

I Remember...

Stephany McLeod

This is a lament for Ireland and her fey creatures who were pillaged by invading races of men, keen on possessing the island in all ways.

Last Farewell

Chasyn Naskra

Hmmm... this came to me one of those dreary high school chemistry periods when I really should have been paying attention. If you haven't already noticed I seem to be quite attached to tragic love stories. This poem is under construction, so I'll probably be changing it soon (hopefully...). I've got more ideas, I just have to rework them and fit them in. Please, all comments will be appreciated. Hope you like it!

The Winter is Coming

Chasyn Naskra

ANOTHER random poem, written a while ago for - you guessed it - creative writing class. (yay!) Pah. Don't ask me what this is about because I certainly don't know. I think that I had just finished a sad book or something... I don't know. Ah well... tell me what you think!

Fate-Destined Child

Nancy Huang

This is in Narin's perspective this time. There are just so many words to describe him, as he's become a person in my mind, and no one knows what he's like yet. Just to start off: defiant, resentful, pessimistic, paranoid (to some degree)... Of course, he's not just entirely negative. Born into nobility, his father was a baron, and his mother an elven queen. She resigned her position in order to be with his father, but later her people called her back to her duty, so she upped and left. That was an early shock in his life, and he was ever resentful of the dutiful ways of the elf-kind: the people - not govt. - before the individual. Coincidentally, they had a special duty for him too, which just adds a little more to his bitter nature. PS. He does NOT have wings.

The Silent Tragedy: A Red Rose for My Undying Queen (Prologue)

Brittany Dulay

The beginning of my novel. I am not too sure where I am going with it but I am excited about it! It seems to be my best work so far and I have attempted novels in the past but now it seems I really might have a story here. The story is mainly about a girl named Rauvinne and how she is eternally separated from her lover by immortality. All she has to hold of him is a rose undying by the virtues of death.