Chelsea Castonguay

A tiny story about Lancelot of Kinbg Arthur's Knights and his unnamed love.

Nightstalkers 61-70

CHAN Chih Lancelot

my project of story and music

Nightstalkers Music Synopsis

CHAN Chih Lancelot

It's about the music of the series.

Nightstalkers 21-30

CHAN Chih Lancelot

Nightstalkers, the story of my life.

Chapter 2.2 The Round Table

Steve Bowen

The hall complete, a dream begins to take shape


Dani Hall

A curse was laid upon Elaine, dooming her to be aside from the world and never to look down upon it.

Nightstalkers 41-50

CHAN Chih Lancelot

My project, ok???

The Making of Nightstalkers

CHAN Chih Lancelot

The behind-the-scene of my novel Nightstalkers.


Chelsea Castonguay

A sort of sequel to 'Lancelot'. It's pretty horrid.

Nightstalkers 31-40

CHAN Chih Lancelot

Nightstalkres, my story and music and stuff..... enough saying

Nightstalkers 71-73

CHAN Chih Lancelot

My life story... in fantasy disguise

Nightstalkers 11-20

CHAN Chih Lancelot

Nightstalkers, my life story.


Laura Levinson

This is the prologue I just wrote which goes with 'Novel:Chapter 1'. It takes place in Cornwall and involves very famous characters. Can you figure out who they are?

The Lady of Shalott (Poem)

Janelle Highland

It's my version of a poem/legend. The legend takes place in the whole Lancelot/King Arthur time thing. See... The lady of Shalott had a curse.. she couldnt look out the window... she saw Lancelot through her mirror though, and forgot. The mirror cracked, and she went to the river. Painting 'The Lady of Shalott' on the boat, she got inside, and it floated to Camelot, while she sang her last song, causing her blood to freeze. The actual words that Lancelot says (so says the poem) is 'This lady is fair in face, God give her grace, the Lady of Shalott' or something very simular..

Timeless Love

Dani Hall

Tale of Sir kay

Angela Apilado

Gee look an actual story! Anyway this is my version of what happens to Sir Kay after Lancelot saves him at the Inn. (There's alot of versions of King Arthur stories so I'm not exactly sure which version the whole Inn thing took place in) This was written towrds the end of my Sophmore year of high school. (I got an A)

Chapter 2.1 The Round Table

Steve Bowen

A solution is presented from an unlikely source

Chapter 3.1 - Nerys

Steve Bowen

Avalon's training begins

Nightstalkers Episode 1-10

CHAN Chih Lancelot

Nightstalkers, the story of my life. My brother Frank Chan is editing the novel for me, so the version posted here is not the most updated one. Check out my private library for the most updated one if you are interested.

Nightstalkers 51-60

CHAN Chih Lancelot

My project