Secret Land

Emily MacKenzie

A poem i wrote for no particular reason

The Bad, Bad Wizard

Jamie Woods

I wrote this a few years ago and then found it again. And then I edited it from here to kingdom come and back. It's more kiddie sounding, but I wrote it for a friend who was sad, and for a whole week this was the only thing that would make her laugh. But that's what I wrote it for, was to be a funnie lil thing that makes people smile. Hope it makes you!!!!

The Hermit

Jess Hyslop

Ooh, is this a companion piece to 'The Hunter', you ask?? Well, I wouldn't want to disappoint you... so yes, yes it is!! In fact, it is almost more the Hunter's story than the Hermit's... Although I am sorry to say that I don't consider it quite as original as 'The Hunter' itself; it's a little more *generic*, you could say. Which is a shame - maybe I will re-work it at some point. BUT it does give big big clues as to WHAT the Hunter is, if not WHO. I was going to reveal his name at the end, but when I wrote it in it seemed a really cliched and horrible way to end it, so I didn't... Hehehe sorry!By the way, as I've replied to many of the comments on 'The Hunter' itself, most of your wonderful guesses as to his identity were actually being way more clever than I was when writing it... and so made a lot more sense than who he actually is meant to be. To be honest, it doesn't matter particularly in 'The Hunter' - it's a bit more explicit here. I hesitated to make it so explicit, as I didn't want to spoil the mystery... If you liked 'The Hunter' as it was, maybe you should steer away from this one. (Ha, good one, Jess - telling people *not* to read your story!!!)

Promised Land - Chapter Three

Ryan A. Burpee

Drex is a man on a mission. A man of mysterious beginnings, he finds himself trapped in a plot against the High King of the West that only he can stop. Meanwhile, machinations grind in the north as the will of Xiktrixit becomes reality as he plans to crush Drex as he threatens to derail Xiktrixit's future political ambitions.

In a Land (One Man) by Vichan

Josh Boo' Walls

A short poem that I did in like five minutes. It's about Blade, by Vichan

The Land of Despair-chapter 14 and 15

Katarina Baralić

Story continues

House of the Rising Son

Hans Liu

Started listening to the House of the Rising Sun, and thought it would make a good title. And hey, I've always wanted to do a poem about the vicious cycle that engulfs the power hungry. =P

Mystic Land

Sarah Sparks

A poem about the land of the unicorn.

Lila : part two

Vicky Barrett

Second installment of another riveting tale...

The Sixth Land

Shawna Clithero

A tribe walk along the frozen lands of Maniho, accompanied by a powerful wizard. They reach a rich town, but find out time was frozen in ice. All that remains are the people, locked away in blocks of cold ice. A terrible spell was put on all of Maniho, a spell done a creature terrible and evil.

Enchanted Lands

Chris Wickham

This poem is about a magically enchanted land which I made on Warcraft III World Editor


Galit Oren

It is a part of a story that I started about a sad young girl....

The Land of Shadow

Nik Hanis

This poem is about a place of terrible evil but it is not hell.

Song of the Leari

J. Meyers

The first people to the mountains of the Northern Continent were the 'Leari:' mythical winged creatures. The Learliana (Morinan) people claim their descendence from them, and this is a very old song that was written long ago in their honor ^_^

Enchantments of Another Kind

Kimberly Whitmer

Older story, again, but i like it. Its got a nice mystical, fantasy type feel to it, like a dream.

I dream of centaurs in the forest

Catherine Kale

I am the wild one, your way into the land of magic and make believe... Follow me.

Ch. 1 The Birth of Evil

Mackenzie Skul

This is the first chapter of a story a friend and I started last summer. I've been working on it again because it has been sleeping for a while. This chapter mainly telling you the background... kinda like the prologue. We have a lot going on in this story, so unfortunately you need to read through the boring stuff before getting to the good. It shouldnt be that boring though, and if you do take the time to read it, please tell me if i do need to liven it up a little bit... and let me know if you caught on to all the characters. Let me know if it gets too confusing too. Thanks a lot!! (My friend who helped me with this is Dorothy Samuel, she deserves as much credit for it as I do!!)

The fall of Argath-Neganor

Marius Ernst

Why should everything make sense? This is an epic poem about the conquest of a land and the escape of two refugees.

An Ocean of Freedom

Lindsey Cotman

Ehh... have absolutely no idea where this came from. My mind rarely decides to fill me in on what it's thinking, lol.

Broken Dream- Poem

Jamie McIntyre

The Lady of the Wood mourns for her losta and broken land...